Tips To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts For Higher Ranking


As per the seo experts advise content is the king. Blog posts are the main reason for your organic traffic position. There are lot of beginners writing lot of blog posts and get very low seo traffic due to non search engine  friendly articles. Without seo, Blog is just like personal diary. So you have to follow all seo tips and advises in your blog for get higher ranking. Here am sharing Tips To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts for reach more audience via search engines. Basically google and other search engines requires natural content for rank your page, Also keywords are the main thing to get targeted traffic.

Tips To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts

When it becomes to blog posts and content. Is is really important to follow all search engine recommendations. Google requires some keywords and other suggestions for rank your blog post on search results. Because users requires satisfaction in search results. Here in this post am sharing this tips for beginners who don’t know about how to write seo friendly blog posts.

In this article am covering all basic requirements and suggestions of blog post seo. Before reading the below tips, you must know about keyword research, Backlink building and other basic seo optimization. Just check my seo tips section for understand seo and get higher ranking in search engines. Now follow the below steps for write seo friendly blog posts.

Tips To Write Seo Friendly Blog Posts :

Write Natural Content

Contents are the main thing to attract your readers and subscribers. And also search engines requires user friendly natural content for rank your page on search results. Write posts with some long paragraphs up to 150 words and add some LSI keywords in your paragraphs. On the first paragraph, It is important to add your main keyword for rank your page. Make your main keywords as Bold texts and add it 3,4 times in your posts. Long content can rank well in search engines. So that write blog posts with minimum 400 words and use some lsi keywords in your paragraphs. Share some images and youtube videos in your posts for improve your user experience.

Title & Meta Description

Title is the king and important section to get more ctr in search results. Not all users looking for the first results. Many internet users will follow your link on search engine results by attractive title. Create title for your posts with some lsi keywords. You can get high volume keywords from some best keyword tools like adwords and keywordtool. This same advise suitable for meta description. Use meta description for more seo indexing. Your meta description must be 150 to 155 characters for well perform.

Heading Tags

Write long paragraphs and use h1 h2 tags for identify the paragraph content. H2 tags must be under 10 and h1 tag must be only one in a page. You can edit your template for make your blog title as h1 tag in post page. Use keywords as h2 tags and rest all will be h3,h4 tags. There are no limits on h3,h4 tags and others. So that use with limitation and must add h2 tag in your page. This also will helps you for make your blog posts appears on google featured snippet.

seo heading tags

Use Images & Videos

A image can tell 1000 words in a single second. Images are the main thing for index your blog post quickly in search engines. But this is not easy to make your images as seo friendly. Your images are must contains alt tags with some google images keywords. You will get lot of traffic from google by images. Use some focus keywords on image alt tags. Youtube is the largest video sharing platform, Have billions of videos. Simply open youtube and search the video related your blog post. Use the video in middle your blog post. This will increase your indexing score and improves your ranking effectively.

Phrase Match Keywords

Keywords are the main thing for improve your seo traffic. There are lot of seo keyword tools available for find profitable keywords. You can use LSI keywords in your blog post title and paragraphs for gain more traffic from search engines. It will also get more ctr in search results by related keywords. Famous keyword analyzer tools like semrush and adwords, Offering volume and keyword density for how many users searching for this keywords and how mush of difficulty it have to rank in search engines.

semrush keyword research

Internal Linking

In seo, Internal links have certain value for rank your blog posts. Many pro bloggers using old post links in blog post and using some keywords., Actually it is not the way for increase page views. Internal linking can rank your current page and old pages too. This will improves your score and readability for feed search engine bots. This method is better than article republishing without wasting your time. If you are writing a blog post abou seo, Just link some of your old posts related keywords and traffic increasing methods. This will benefit for seo and page views and also quick indexing.

It’s Your Turn

I hope you catch my points about seo friendly blog posts, Write organic content with more keywords and gain backlinks from high authority sites. You can get high volume keywords from semrush and other tools for reach more audience. Enjoy more organic traffic and readers to your blog and share this post with your friends. If you have any questions related seo, Just comment here. I will help you to boost search engine ranking and seo traffic. Also check my seo tips section for more seo tricks.


  1. Great guide. I do know few things already, and get some new.It’s always great to read this kind of blog post which is very useful for the beginners, also for the experienced Thank you for sharing.

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