How To Increase Whatsapp Group Members Limit


Whatsapp is the most popular chatting app in the market with billion downloads. Everyone using whatsapp for chatting with friends and family. Also whatsapp providing the feature called private whatsapp group chat. You can create whatsapp groups and add your friends for chat with them together and whatsapp group call. Here every whatsapp user facing the common problem whatsapp group limit. Currently whatsapp groups can supports up to 256 members. Here whatsapp group limit hack helps you to bypass the limit and increase whatsapp group limit up to your wish.

whatsapp group limit hack

In this post am sharing this easy whatsapp group limit hack method for add thousands of participants in whatsapp groups. The below trick working fine with latest version whatsapp and rooted android. You can increase whatsapp group limit android by editing preference of whatsapp.

Use latest version Es file explorer with root enabled for make this trick works. It works fine in rooted android using latest version es file explorer app. You can download it update through google play store. Then just follow below whatsapp group limit hack tric to increase members of your whatsapp group.

How To Increase Whatsapp Group Members Limit :

  • Open Es file explorer and Enable root access in your es file explorer app.
  • Then navigate to data/data/com.whatsapp/shared_prefs/ and open it.
  • Here long press the WhatsApp_Preferences.xml and tap on edit option.
  • Then search int name=”participants_size_limit”value=”256″.
  • Replace the 256 with your desired members limit value and save it.
  • Finally force stop whatsapp and open again.
  • Then you can add more members than 256 in your whatsapp group.

Here is the screenshot of whatsapp preference file. Simply modify the limit with your desired members limit and save the file. Once you click on the edit button choose es note editor option for better editing.

whatsapp group limit hack android

You can create the new group in whatsapp and enjoy more than 256 participants in single whatsapp group. This trick only working with rooted android and root is must enabled on es file explorer. So try above method and enjoy whatsapp group limit hack trick. Also try GB Whatsapp Apk Latest Version. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more whatsapp tricks.


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