How To View Private Facebook Profiles 2017


Facebook have billions of users and it’s increases day by day. facebook have lot of privacy featues to users for use facebook safely. In this list private facebook profiles also one. When someone blocking us to access their profile on facebook. we never able to view their profiles and pictures. Currently facebook doesn’t allows any body to look into someone privacy. But in this post am sharing this guide for how to view private facebook profiles and pictures without knowing them. This procedure is simple and easy to follow.

how to view private facebook profiles

When some facebook user blocks your profile from facebook account. Facebook stop your profile to view them or mention them. You can notify when opening their profile of facebook, It will redirect you to homepage. Because of the high privacy features of the facebook network. But here is also some bugs that never can be fixed by facebook. You can access your blocked users profiles and photos. Follow the below simple procedures which i mentioned in the below steps. Then you can view private facebook profiles without being friend.

How To View Private Facebook Profiles :

  1. Simply logout from your current facebook account.
  2. Go to browser settings and click on the browsing history.
  3. Here you will get all recently browsed websites and webpages.
  4. Check facebook profile of the blocked user and open.
  5. Now you can view the profile without being friend.

Once you done this step and able to view the profile, The user blocked you from viewing their profile. If you are getting any other errors like webpage not available. The facebook user deactivated their facebook profile. You can also get this info on your inbox messages history without profile link of facebook user.

View Private Facebook Profiles Using Google :

Yes, Google is the most popular search engines which have billions of webpages stored on their database. In google you can also get facebook profile information like about info and profile photos.

Open google and type the username of private facebook profile. Then search for the results and find the profile info from search results. This method working fine for search blocked user details and information from facebook.

But this method is slightly unlucky for some users. This method only works When the user enable allow search engines option on their facebook privacy settings. But many facebook users doesn’t allows this feature on their privacy settings. So the facebook user not changing anything on this option before, You can get all the profile details through google.

I hope this post will helps you to understand how to view private facebook profiles and pictures. Follow the all above steps simply when any facebook user blocked your profile. Both methods are tested and working fine for view private profiles. So enjoy and share this post with your friends.


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