How To Use Google Trends For Keyword Research


Google trends is the tool for find trending topics in this world. Everyone using google daily for getting solution for their problems. Here in this situation you can get your post topics and new post ideas using google trends keyword research. Yes, you can research your desired topic related keywords for find how users search the words in google. In this tool you will get all trending searches and the improvements accurately. So keyword research is becomes easy and simple with google trends for improve your seo traffic.

How To Use Google Trends

There are lot of keyword analyzer tools available on internet. But google officially provides this tool for webmasters and bloggers for find suitable topic related keywords. Once you search any topic related words, You will get all related keywords and the trends on current google search. By using this keywords on your blog posts and inline, You will get page rank improvement and more ctr in search results.

Using this tool is very easy and simple to find related keywords. So that here am gonna share you this tutorial for increase seo traffic with google trends keyword research. Follow below steps and enjoy unlimited keywords.

How To Use Google Trends For Keyword Research :

OpenĀ in your browser and you will get google trends homepage. Choose your desired country and the topic for find keyword related your desired country wise traffic. Here am gonna find keywords related mini militia mod for increase seo traffic mini militia mod post.

how to use google trends for keyword research

Here is the details from google trends search term results. On Aug 20 this given keyword have a value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term on google on india. So you can choose this keyword for gain seo traffic with well seo optimized post.

Also use related keywords for improve your seo and traffic from google. Google trends shows related keywords in this results page with related search query. Here is the related query result with search topic mini militia mod.

google trends related queries

As per the seo experts advise related queries will helps you to boost search engine traffic easily. So that use this keywords in your posts for gain more traffic from search engines. Also you can find the accurate search details via google adwords keyword planner. Then use google trends for find the improvement for your desired keyword.

You can also get google web search, Youtube search, Google news trending and google shopping trending for find the keyword for your source. So use google trends and enjoy more traffic.

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Free Seo Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool :

Here in this post am sharing my favorite seo keyword difficulty checker tool Ferzy. Many beginners looking for how to get keywords. But they don’t focus on the keyword difficulty. Every keyword have difficulty for how much hard the desired keyword get first page on google. Here ferzy show you the accurate keyword difficulty for your keywords. Here is the screenshot of ferzy tool.

free keyword difficulty checker tool

In this tool, You will get difficulty for your desired keyword as per the given country. So you can target this keyword and get first page on google. Enjoy more seo traffic with your desired keyword.

So guys, use google trends and ferzy for target keywords and gain seo traffic. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more seo posts.


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