How To Use Google Adsense Native Ads


Google adsense recently launched a new ad unit called native ads. There are lot of new features launched in google adsense for increase publisher revenue like page level ads. In this list now adsense launched it’s new unit called native ads. This ad unit can get more ctr for your readers. By simple neat design ad unit, It brings more responsive look to your blog post. You can use this ad unit in your blog post for boost your adsense ctr and earnings. Here in this post am covering this topic for adsense beginners who search for How To Use Google Adsense Native Ads and how to increase adsense earnings.

How To Use Google Adsense Native Ads

There are 3 types of ad units available in native ads by google. These are in-feed ads, In-article ads, Matched contents. Like the previous features it also helps you to make your ad units more clickable and boost your ctr. Matched content is already the part of adsense ad units. But this will bring you more suitable contents related the post on native ads.

Follow the below steps to create native ad unit for your blog. For increase your adsense ctr and cpc, This ad units will helps you. You can use in article ads in your post paragraphs for more adsense earnings. So create native ads and use it on your blog posts today and enjoy more revenue from google adsense.

Steps To Create Google Adsense Native Ads :

  • Login to your google adsense account dashboard.
  • Click on My Ads and Tap new ad unit.
  • Choose the native ad format in the given banners.
  • Finally create new ad unit from here and use the ad codes on your blog.
  • Your ads will be live on your blog and enjoy more earnings.

You can also use matched contents for increase adsense earnings and seo both. Because matched contents shows the related posts in your blog like related posts widget. So that your bounce rate will be decreases and your seo traffic will be increase. Here is the screenshot of native ads page.

This ad unit visible on both pc and mobile with responsive look. So your blog looks neat and clean with adsense ad units. Then it will bring you more earnings via more clicks on your native ads. So create native ads today and enjoy more earnings from google adsense. Also read my previous post how to increase adsense ctr for more adsense revenue. If you have any doubt or questions related the adsense native ads, Just comment here.


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