How To Use Gmail Desktop Version On Mobiles


Gmail is the free email service by google which is used by all internet users. Anyone can create free email account for sending receiving emails. Basically gmail have two version for mobile and desktop users for reading emails. But unfortunately all desktop features not available on mobile version site. For example if you are creating any new account on some sites like facebook and twitter, You have to verify your account by opening the verification link. Gmail mobile version allow us to read emails only with basic text version. There is no html codes working like desktop version. You will get only click here or open this link text on your inbox. In this time you have to use desktop version for access all desktop features in your mobiles.

How To Use Gmail Desktop Version On Mobiles

Sending email also has this same type of issue. Mobile version gmail site can allow only subject and email section for sending the emails to your friends and others. But in desktop version you can use all features like adding attachment add cc, add bc and many more. So here am back with this working method for use desktop version on android mobile. You can use all gmail features in mobiles like desktop users.

This process is very simple and easy to use. Unlike gmail app, you can use this gmail desktop version method online. Working fine in all android browsers like opera mini and uc browser applications. You can view your all inbox email messages in complete view like desktop users. So follow the below steps and enjoy gmail with more features on mobiles.

How To Use Gmail Desktop Version On Mobiles :

Gmail has launched two type of desktop version for access gmail inbox in slower or faster connections. Standard view and basic html version is the two type of gmail versions.

  • Login to your gmail account on mobile browser.
  • Then open gmail inbox and change the url like below.
  • Open the gmail basic html version
  • Now you can view desktop version in your mobile browser.
  • Finally send or receive emails like desktop users in your mobiles.

In the bsic html mode, You can access old version of gmail site in any browser with slower of faster connection without any issues. So here am sharing basic html version direct link for access gmail desktop version in mobiles. In this basic html version, You can use gmail desktop version without any crashes.

Gmail Basic Html Version

This desktop version working fine even slower internet connection. So that you can use this in your android mobile with any data connection like 2g or 3g. Also you can access your all gmail settings and other configurations directly in mobile without any hassle.

Enjoy gmail desktop version directly on your android mobile. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more updates.



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