How To Update Your Google Play Store Manually


Google play store is the must have android app now a days. In play store you can get all android apps as per your interested category. All android devices are pre installed google ply store and launched in market. But unfortunately some old version android mobiles does not have latest version play store. This will get some errors like installation errors and some other application issues. So you must have update your google play store for avoid this type of issues. Here in this post am sharing brief guide about how to update your google play store manually in android & tablets.

How To Update Your Google Play Store Apk App

The below steps are easy and fast method to update your play store. Sometimes your play store will update it to latest version automatically, But if you are in still old version and your app never get automatic update, You have to update your play store manually. So follow the below steps which mentioned in below steps and enjoy your latest version play store.

How To Update Your Google Play Store :

  • Open google play store normally and click on menu icon near the search box.
  • Here you will get all google play store options.
  • Choose Settings in the options menu.
  • Scroll down on settings page and choose the About section.
  • Here tap on the play store version and you will get updated now.
  • If there is no update available, You will get popup likeĀ Google Play Store is up to date.

Finally you will get updated in few minutes on your android mobile or tablet. When you have old version of play store it will update your app to latest version manually. Otherwise it shows the message in popup google play store is up to date. That means your app is latest version and there is no update available.

So update your google play store today and get rid of play store issues. This tutorial works in all version android mobiles and play store. So you can follow this on your android mobile and update your play store app anytime.


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