How To Unlock Android Device Manager Lock Easily


Android Device Manager is the most secured way to secure android from hackers. In this way you can lock your android mobile when you lost and unable to find it. Google Providing the secure way to find lost android using google account. Here am sharing this easy guide for How To Unlock Android Device Manager lock. When you link your google account with android smartphone and synchronize, The device will stored on your google account. You can control your android remotely using google account. Now a days everyone using android device pattern lock and other locking features for secure their personal life from others. But when you lock your device and forgot android pattern lock. It is really bad day and you need to loss your previous data’s for unlock your device by reset.

unlock android device manager lock

Android Device manager can lock your device remotely and able to control by google account. The procedure is really simple and easy to use. Google account can’t be removed instantly in android. When your android mobile is stolen by someone, They will definitely forgot to remove google accounts. But in this way we can recover them or lock them remotely by sign in to google account.

Android Device Manager can lock device instantly with google account security. But you have to follow some procedures to unlock android device manager. And the linked google account is important to unlock android device manager lock and use them without losing any data. This is completely legal process and easy to use.

How To Unlock Android Device Manager Lock :

Android device manager is the secure way to lock android remotely. When you lock your device using android device manager and looking for unlock. You must have to use another device and the google account which linked to your android mobile.

  • OpenĀ in web browser.
  • Now login to your google account which linked with your android mobile.
  • Then you can find your android mobile name and location.
  • Here you can get the lock status of your android mobile.
  • The page will notify your device locked by android device manager.
  • Simply Click on Unlock and request pin number.
  • Finally you will get pin to unlock your android mobile.

Then enter pin number on your android device manager lock and confirm. Then your android device will unlocked without losing any data. This is very easy and simple method to find your lost android mobile and lock them without losing any data.

You can protect your lost android device from someone by lock it and erase data. This option providing by google and your google account will store all the data of your android device on your google account.



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