How To Share Android Vpn Connection Over Wifi Hotspot


Vpn stands for virtual private network allows us to hide ip address and location. This is the safest way to protect our identity from hackers and other suspicious activity. Now a days many android users using vpn apps for run free internet using open ports and free hosts. There are lot of tricks and open ports available for use free internet in your android mobile by using vpn. By using vpn tricks, you can use all data required apps like google play store, facebook messenger, whatsapp and much more. So many android users loves vpn for use free internet on their mobiles using open ports and free hosts. Here is the special guide for how to share android vpn connection over wifi hotspot.

How To Share Android Vpn Connection Over Wifi

Actually vpn connections are similar to paid internet connection. But you can’t share this vpn with your friends. There is some errors behind this connection issue. Here in this post am sharing how to share vpn connection over wifi hotspot. By using this tutorial, You can share your free internet vpn connection with your friends and others. Also in this post am sharing a method to use android vpn on desktop computers with usb tethering. So follow below steps and enjoy.

How To Share Android Vpn Via Tethering :

After successful vpn connection make sure your vpn working fine and browsing is working without any page loading and disconnection issues. Then follow below simple steps to Share Android Vpn Connection Via Tethering.

  • Turn on data connection in your android mobile.
  • Then connect any working vpn connection and open settings.
  • Navigate to Mobile Networks and Enable Mobile Hotspot.
  • Then start searching your device on pc and connect it.
  • Or simply use data cable and enable USB Tethering on your android mobile.
  • Then you can use your android vpn connection on pc.

If you have any connection errors or any other page loading errors. Simply change your mobile vpn server and data connection access point names to the working one and follow all above steps again. This method working fine in many popular android vpn applications. Still if you are facing any issues, Follow below steps and download Tethernet from google play store.

How To Share Vpn Connection Over Wifi Using Tethernet :

Tethernet is the official android app for make your vpn connection works on over wifi hotspot. This app available on google play store for free. Here follow this steps and download Tethernet in your android mobile from below play store. You need root access to use this app in your android mobile.

  • Download Tethernet App from play store and install it.
  • Now open the app and give root permission.
  • Connect your mobile with any vpn application and open tethernet.
  • Tap on the option¬†Share this Mobile Vpn Connection¬†and wait 30 seconds.
  • Then you can share your connection through wifi hotspot with anyone.

This is an official process and working fine in all android device with all type of android vpn connection like tcp or udp port connection. So follow all above steps and enjoy your vpn on pc and other devices using wifi hostpot.

Tethernet working in all version android mobile. But you must have root access in your android mobile for install and use this app. So root your android mobile and follow all above steps. If you have any issues while follow these two methods, Simply comment here with your issues.


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