Revenuehits Review For Indian Publishers


Revenuehits is one of the best adsense alternative with high paying ads. There are lot of adsense alternatives available on internet, But revenuehits providing high paying ads and special ad units like popup and interracial ads for increase publisher revenue. If your adsense account banned or not able to getting approval. This is the first choice for you. Once you join and use this ads in your site, You can get lot of earnings through your unique contents.

Revenuehits Review

When the first time am using revenuehits and getting very low earnings in my blogger blog. Then i understand revenuehits takes 3,4 days to optimize ads for your niche and gives you high paying ads. Everyone having low earnings problem in revenuehits. It may depend on your niche and keywords.

Basically many users using pop under ads by revenuehits and getting good result. This is not hard task to increase your earnings in revenuehits. For getting enough earnings from revenuehits, You must have minimum 2000 daily visitors in your blog and enough united states and united kingdom traffic. Follow below optimization and tips to join revenuehits and earn money.

Revenuehits Review :

Revenuehits accepts all types of sites and blogs for make money by displaying ads in your site. There are lot of ad sizes and banners available for monetize your blog with ads.

Revenuehits Ad Formats :

  • Banner
  • 158×21 Button
  • 468×60 Footer
  • 728×90 Footer
  • Interstitial
  • Popunder
  • Shadow Box
  • Slider
  • Topbar

revenuehits ad formats

All ads are responsive and you will get suitable ads related your niche for increase your earnings on revenuehits. You can click on new placement for choose your desired ad for your blogs and sites. Popunder ads also available for increase your earnings without getting any clicks on your ads.

Here is the mobile placement ads for monetize mobile visitors traffic :

  • Mobile Dialog
  • Footer
  • Interstitial
  • Notifier
  • New Tab

Mobile ad codes are easy to paste on your mobile template and place ads on mobile version site properly. This ads also supports in wordpress amp for monetize your accelerated mobile pages.

Revenuehits Payment Method :

Minimum threshold Payment of revenuehits is $20 and you will get your payment via paypal, bank transfer or payoneer via net30 terms. Once you reach your minimum payment, Your earnings will sent to your desired ppayment method within 30 days. But the wire transfer requires $500 to get your payment. So you can choose payoneer and paypal for get payments after reach minimum payout amount of $20.

Conclusion :

I hope this information’s are enough to know about revenuehits. Once you join this ad network, Must try this for minimum 4 days. Don’t leave after 1 day or 2 day. Because revenuehits requires 3,4 days to serve high paying ads to your sites and blogs. Enjoy earnings and share this post with your friends.


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