How To Get Revcontent Approval And Make Money


Revcontent is one of the best native ads network in the world with high paying ads. Native ads is the best option to monetize your blog with quality content with high quality ads. Now in this world many bloggers looking for make money with their blogs and websites. So here many ad networks providing multiple types of ads to earn more money. In this list native ads will helps you to get more earnings through the recommended content. Unlike other ad sizes and banners, It shows recommended posts from advertiser sites for drive traffic and earn money.

RevContent Approval Trick

Basically revcontent is the native advertising platform with recommended contents. It provides high responsive ads with infinite scroll. This is the best adsense alternative ads network with similar cpc as adsense. You can get high ctr than google adsense ads in your any niche websites and blogs.

Here in this post am gonna share you revcontent publisher requirements and easy approval trick for join revcontent native ads platform and make money. Your websites and blogs will get 100 billion recommendations via high quality ads every month. Also revcontent pays high cpc than adsense ads. So follow below steps and join this great native ads network today.

Revcontent Approval Trick :

Many bloggers getting rejected from revcontent due to the publisher requirements. So follow below guides before apply for revcontent publisher. Revcontent have some basic requirements to approve your application on this native advertising platform. Here are the basic requirements of revcontent to get approval.

  • Publisher website must have 2 to 3 million pageviews per month.
  • Must avoid Hacking, Cracking and illegal contents in your blogs.
  • Blog posts must be unique and fresh. Copied contents are strictly not allowed.
  • Avoid low quality posts and spelling mistakes in your contents.
  • Increase search engine traffic and referral traffic.
  • Alexa rank must be under 4 lacks for getting approval.

After getting the enough requirements, Signup for revcontent and wait for the approval. These all requirements are expect from revcontent team for approve your application on native advertising. Focus on high quality content and natural traffic from search engines. Because organic traffic is the important thing in revcontent for serve you high paying ads.

I hope this revcontent approval trick will helps you to get approval in revcontent and make money. This is one of the best adsense alternative high paying ads. You will get more blog earnings and traffic through revcontent native ads network. So join this native ads network and double your blog earnings with high paying ads.

If you still rejected from revcontent, Just comment your issue in comments section. I will help you to get approval and ad placement for increase your earnings in revcontent. Share this post with your friends.


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