How To Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress


Bounce rate is the main thing in seo which calculates the pageviews of your site and blogs. Google analytics and other page views counters are counting every page view of users and calculate the bounce rates. When the user reads more than 1,2 posts in your wordpress blogs, You will get better bounce rate. But some visitors are leaves your site after viewing only page. If you have more bounce rate than 50%. That means your 50% visitors leaves your site after reading only one post. In this case your seo traffic and earnings also affects. So here am sharing this How To Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress tips. Basically bounce rate is the seo related matter that calculates your site quality. So we have to reduce it to get better seo traffic and earnings from ad networks.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress

Here in this post am sharing some easy tips to reduce bounce rate in wordpress site without any huge works. You can checkout the bounce rate in google analytics and alexa rank. Basically these two tools calculates your site views accurately and gives the traffic info. Reducing bounce rate is not the hard thing in wordpress and other sites. But for beginners it’s difficult to follow the proper steps and reduce bounce rates. Because bounce rate can affect by your every single mistakes that you made in your wordpress site.

Follow the below steps for reduce bounce rate in wordpress site. The below methods are used by most of webmasters to reduce bounce rates and increase pageviews on wordpress site. Without wasting your time, you can simply follow this steps and enjoy low bounce rate and high pageviews.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate In WordPress :

  • Use Responsive WordPress Theme.
  • Reduce your site loading time.
  • Use Related Posts plugin.
  • Use easy navigation options.
  • Add related links in your blog posts.
  • Make external links opens in new tab.
  • Avoid pop under ads and annoying popups.
  • Place ads in better ad placements.
  • Reduce the number of ads in posts.
  • Use internal linking.

Follow all above steps carefully in your wordpress site for reduce bounce rate in wordpress site. These tips are easy to follow in your wordpress site. I also recommend you to use Reduce Bounce Rate wordpress plugin for reduce bounce rate in your self hosted wordpress blogs.

I hope this post will helps you to decrease wordpress site bounce rate. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more tricks and tips.


  1. Hey, Sasi,
    Excellent stuff!! You have pointed all very useful methods for reducing bounce rate of a website. Most importantly page load time and website speed measure a lot for leaving people from the site. You are right, splash page or pop up pages are much annoying and i personally leave those site who shows pop up page right after land on their website.Also, it’s not good to use overloaded ad display on one page. Thank you very much for sharing a great post.

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