How To Receive Payment From Google Adsense


Google adsense is the high paying ad network in india, almost in this world with high paying ads. Here many bloggers using google adsense and looking for how to increase adsense earnings and get paid in india. In this post am sharing this guide how to receive payment from google adsense in india. You can get paid from google adsense in your bank account through wire transfer. Actually wire transfer is the official google adsense payment method india. You will get your payment in your account once your earning threshold is reached to $100 minimum account balance.

Receive Adsense Payment India

There are lot of ad networks offering high paying ads. But none of them providing rates likes google adsense. So everyone loves google adsense to make money with blogs and websites. You will get high paying cost per click on your ads with responsive ad units. Once you start displaying ads on your sites with high quality content, You will get relevant ads in your site. Earnings will increase as per your ad performance and content.

For receive adsense earnings, You must have active bank account from any popular bank. You can create a new bank account in any bank to get your earnings directly to bank. You need some requirements to get paid from google adsense. Follow below steps to receive your adsense payment.

How To Receive Payment From Google Adsense :

To Fill up your payment details in google adsense account, You must have minimum $10 finalized earnings balance in your account. After every 1st date of month finalized earnings will added in your account balance. Once you have completed the $10 minimum finalized earnings requirements, Just follow below steps.

Signin to your adsense account and click on settings. Here you will get all adsense settings and some more settings under the settings section in menu. Choose payments from this menu and click on Add a new form of payment and you will get payment setup form like below.

How To Receive Payment From Google Adsense

Enter your bank account details in this form. Enter your bank account holder name as your name and fill your rest bank details like account number, bank ifsc code and swift bic code. You will get this details in your bank account passbook. So simply fill up the form using these details.

Swift Bic is the important thing to get your payments in bank account. But does every bank branch have swift code?. If you don’t have swift code for your bank account and looking for how to receive adsense payment india without swift bic or how to do international wire transfer without swift code. Here is the guide to get adsense earnings without swift bic code. Simply follow below steps.

Adsense Swift BIC Code Settings :

  • Open IFSC Swift Code site and choose your country.
  • Then select your bank name and city name details from the menu.
  • When you choose the nearest head branch, you will get swift bic.
  • Copy the code and use it on Adsense payment settings.
  • You will get earnings in your bank account.

You can use any nearest big branch swift code with your local branch bank account details for receive your adsense payments. Once you reach $100 Balance in your adsense account you will get balance in your bank account. Basically google adsense release it’s payment on every month at 21st date.

You will get your payment in your bank account within 5-7 days after the 21st date of every month. For first payment it takes some time to reach your $100 balance. After the first payment you will get enough earnings and high paying ads. If you still have questions related adsense payment settings, Just comment here to get help.


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