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Popads is one of the best pop under ad network for blogs and websites. Blogger blog and wordpress site with legit traffic can make huge money with this best cpm ad network. The special feature of popads is users don’t want to click any ad. You will get paid once you get traffic to your site. Simply this is one of the cost per view ad network with high cpm rates. If you are blogger and looking for make money with your traffic, This is the best suggestion for you.

popads review

There are lot of pop under ad network available to monetize your website traffic. But this is totally worthy and effective way to convert your traffic into money. Unlike other ads, Popads pays you when visitor land on your page and click on anywhere. Then visitor will get ad page and you will get money in your popads account. Popads cpm rates are various and high paying ads will live with your traffic location.

Depend on the visitor’s location you will get $6 rpm. That means you could earn minimum $6 from 1000 daily visitors. Few months ago am using popads ad in my previous site and get good result in my blog earnings. Also there are no requirements and conditions to get approval in popads. So join popads today and enjoy pop under ads in your site and huge earnings with your blog traffic.

Popads Review :

Popads approval :

Basically it don’t have any minimum requirements and restrictions to join and make money with popads. Any type of website and blog can join and get instant approval for make money. They also approves your blog with second level domains like blogger and wordpress domains. So that you can also earn money through your freebie blogs and websites.

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Popads Payments :

You will get high cpm rates with your blog traffic in popads. Minimum payout rate is $5 and you can request your payment anytime to paypal, alertpay or payoneer. Your earnings will reach your desired payment method in just 24 hours. Automatic payment transfer also available to transfer your payments to your account once your minimum payout threshold is reached.

Popads Payment Proof :

This is one of the legit paying ad network with daily payments. You will get your payments in just 8 to 9 hours after requesting. It take maximum 24 hours to reach your payment method as per the tos of popads. You may try automatic payments to get your earnings daily without requesting. You may check in google for popads payment proof.

This is the best pop under ad network with cpm rates. You may earn up to $100 per day with your blog traffic, If you have high traffic blogs. Also try to get traffic from usa, canada and united kingdom. Then you will get high cpm rates and your earnings also increases.

So guys try popads.net today and enjoy more earnings through your blog traffic. Popads is the well known pop under ad network with high paying ads. Also this is called as one of the best adsense alternative. So try it today and enjoy your blog earnings. If you have any doubt related popads.net just comment here.


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