How To Ping Sitemap To Search Engines For Indexing


Pinging is the way to notify search engines about your sitemap is updated. You can ping your sitemap directly to google, yahoo, bing and other search engines for index your all newer posts without resubmit. So that here am back the tutorial for How To Ping Sitemap To Search Engines. Once you done ping sitemap to search engine, Search engine get notification about your blog’s xml sitemap updated. Then it will add your xml sitemap to crawl list. This feature available in all search engines without resubmitting your sitemap file. You can use this ping services up to unlimited times after update your blog with new posts. Google and other search engines allows it.

How To Ping Sitemap To Search Engines

When your blog needs to index more posts on google, You can fetch as google bot or ping sitemap. I have already shared how to index new posts quickly in google. Here am sharing ping sitemap tutorial for index all your new blog posts quickly. So that follow all methods and enjoy more indexing score.

All search engines have their own url for receive pings. This process is simply based on opening link in your web browser. When you open the below links on your browser, You can get notification about the confirmation. So follow below simple steps and enjoy.

How To Ping Sitemap To Search Engines :

Ping Sitemap To Google

Google webmaster tools is the main tool of seo experts. You can control your whole site look in search results and get more traffic from google. Here google launch ping service for receive manual updates about your sitemap update.

Ping Sitemap Link –

Just open the url in your web browser with your website link. Then you will get notification about the crawling request.

Ping Sitemap To Bing

Bing is another popular search engine by yahoo. You can request ping to bing search engines directly via opening the below url. Then bing bots will crawl your webpage and index your new posts quickly.

Ping Sitemap In Bing –

Ping Sitemap To Yandex :

Yandex search engine is the popular search engine in russia. You can get more organic traffic to your blog from russia from ping sitemap to yandex. Like other search engines sitemap ping option, Yandex also providing sitemap ping option for inform yandex bots to crawl your site again for index your new posts on yandex.

Open the above link with your website url and yandex bots crawling your site again and index your posts in search results. Also yandex providing blog search ping for get more traffic on your blogger or wordpress blog using yandex blog sitemap crawl listing. To ping your sitemap in yandex, Simply follow the link and paste your blog url in the yandex index request. Then your blog will be index in yandex blog search.

How To Ping Sitemap To Baidu :

Baidu is the favorite search engine in the china. Like yandex search engine, baidu also providing you ping services that can allow you to get index your posts in baidu for generate more organic engine search traffic from china. According to baidu, Pinging can inform your sitemap update to baidu bots. This method is easy like other search engine ping sitemap services. So simply open the below link and update your sitemap manually to get index your new posts on baidu for gain organic traffic from china.

Open in your web browser and simply enter your site or blog url for request ping sitemap to baidu bots. Then your xml sitemap will crawl by baidu bots and your new posts will be index in baidu search engine.

How To Ping Sitemap To Ask :

Ask currently does not allows users to submit sitemap to index your posts on like other search engines. But you can index your posts and get ask search engine traffic through robots.txt file. Simply add your sitemap in your robots.txt file of your website. Most of search engines index your site with sitemap using robots.txt file.



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