3 Simple Methods To Make Huge Money With Whatsapp


Whatsapp is most popular chatting application for mobile users. Also pc users can enjoy chatting by installing android emulator software. Now whatsapp have billions of users and it’s increases day by day. This grew up will help you to make money with whatsapp account and group. Many android users make money whatsapp group by using some easy methods. Now a days many websites offering cash for promote online content through website and blogs. But in whatsapp it can also possible by sharing links to groups. When you open whatsapp group and viewing the posts you can get some ads by group members. This is one of the way to make $10 per day or more.

How To Earn Money Through Whatsapp

Whatsapp allows external links on their platform with clickable links. So that you can promote some contents to make money by sharing links on whatsapp. whatsapp money making is very simple task. Unlike other platforms whatsapp group have active members and you will get more views and clicks on your links. But the secret is targeted interesting content related the group.

In all sections niche related content can get more interest than non related content. So that use below methods with your desired whatsapp group using related links. Here am sharing 3 simple ways to make money with whatsapp. You can follow the below steps and  earn money by whatsapp.

3 Simple Methods To Make Money With Whatsapp :

The below methods are highly beneficial and you can earn up to $10 per day online. No need to work long and spent lot of time. Just focus on targeted whatsapp group and share links related the whatsapp group. It is also best for avoid spamming and getting more clicks from whatsapp group members.

Shorten Url Make Money :

Shorten url is the best way to make money shorten any webpage url as a short link. When you share your shorten links and getting more clicks, you will get money by sending traffic to your shorten url links. Linkshrink and Shorte.st Is the two high paying trusted shorten url sites. You can create your account by following given website link. Simply shorten any webpage url and share it on facebook groups with some text. Then group members will click on your links and your earnings will be increases.

Linkshrink.Net Earnings

Tips For More Earnings : If your whatsapp group is related movies, Simply copy any new movie review site and share the link on whatsapp group with some attractive description. Then group members will get interest to visit the webpage with your links. Then you will make huge money in a short time. Also copy any interesting news and games related links and share them on general category groups for more earnings.

Pay Per Download :

Pay per download is another best money making way. When you upload any file on Pay Per Download site and giving traffic to your links and downloads. You will generate huge money easily from whatsapp. Use some best pay per download sites like userscloud and uploads.to for more money in a short time.

Make Money With Whatsapp

Download any popular file on the web and upload it on pay per download sites. Then copy the download link and share it on whatsapp groups. For more earnings download any interesting file like android app and games and share them on group. You will get more downloads and more earnings from whatsapp.

Affiliate Marketing :

This method used by lot of bloggers and forum admins for earn more money on their blogs and websites. Popular site’s like amazon and snapdeal offering affiliate marketing for sell products online and make money. Basically amazon affiliate program providing lot of valuable offers to increase the sales. So you can use amazon affiliate program for make lot of money in a short time.

Simply join amazon affiliate program and choose any best product with low price. Then share the links on whatsapp groups and start getting sales. Members will show more attention to your affiliate links by low price. Then you will get more sales from whatsapp groups.

You Are Now Done…! all these tips are more valuable and easy to make money with whatsapp groups. Follow all above methods only with group related links and files for getting more attention to your links. All above methods are easy and simple to follow. So that you can make money with whatsapp by spending small time in a day.

Enjoy the tips and keep visiting for more money making methods. Comment here if you want to get more tips for increase your earnings on whatsapp groups.


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