How To Index Your New Blog Posts In Google Instantly


Every bloggers looking for traffic from search engines like google. Actually google have some rules to index your website and pages in google. Some bloggers have problem with indexing posts on google search engines. Because of some mistakes, your url’s avoid by google bots. In this time you have to index your blog posts manually in google. This How To Index Your New Blog Posts post is easy and simple to index your new url links in google without any waiting time. We can requests google bots crawl to new links on blogs and websites for index them in google search results. Here am sharing this easy way to index blog posts in google instantly.

index new posts in google instantly

Google webmaster tools is well known seo tool for make improvements in your seo. In this tool you can get lot of tools and options to get index status and errors on your website and blogs. The below method is also based on google webmaster tools. Every time google crawl your webpage by sitemap index. So you have to submit your sitemap to google for index your links in google.

Follow the below simple guide and enjoy your posts indexing on google search results. The below method is very simple and easy to use. Fetch as google is the option to index your blog posts in google manually. And your pages will be indexed instantly.

How To Index Your New Blog Posts In Google Instantly :

  • Open Google Webmaster Tools and login to your account.
  • Then click on the website you want to index in google.
  • Here you will get many options to improve your indexing.
  • Just Click on the Crawl option and select Fetch As Google.

Index New Url In Google

  • Then Your website link will shown here and a input box appears after your url.
  • Paste the url link of your new blog post, which you want to index in google.

Index New Url Google

  • Then click on Request Indexing button and complete the captcha challenge.
  • Choose the Crawl This Url Only for index your blog post only.
  • For index all links of your blog post, Choose Crawl this url and it’s direct links.

How To Index Google New Url

Finally your blog post will be indexed in google instantly without waiting long. It’s working for all new blogs and old blogs which have no traffic and post views. Here is my screenshot of indexing requested page in google search results and time. It’s working instantly and you can check your indexing status simply by search your post in google.

Index New Url Instantly Google

That’s it. Finally enjoy your posts indexing in google. This method working fine for all blogs and websites. So that you can index your blog post manually in google. For find the all url links of google indexed links, simply type site:domain in search box for trace the indexed pages.

Use this option daily for check your index status in google and index your missed url links in google manually. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more seo tips.



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