How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO


Website traffic is the harder matter for beginner bloggers to boost blog earnings and popularity. Now many bloggers mistakenly avoid seo basics on their posts and worry about low blog traffic. Basically seo is not the only one hope to get massive traffic to your website and blogs. There are lot of solutions available for How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO. Here in this post am sharing this brief guide to get massive traffic to your new website and blogs without seo.

How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

SEO is not the only way to get traffic. After doing proper seo in your blogs, You need to wait several days for get a pagerank on search engines. Here am sharing popular traffic driving methods to drive massive traffic to your website without seo. The below methods are popular and every famous bloggers suggestion for increase website traffic without search engines.

Follow all below steps and enjoy more traffic to your website even without seo. New bloggers can boost your blog traffic for increase your seo pagerank too. Use some keyword tools for get post ideas that makes your blog reader get interest to visit your website everyday.

How To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO :

Guest Blogging :

This is the first choice of all popular bloggers to boost traffic instantly. You can get lot of similar sites that related to your niche in some website audit tools and alexa. Open any related site which have good alexa rank and post your fresh blog post. Your post must be unique and attract visitors to visit your blogs. This also requires by guest blogs and website admins. Link your popular posts in your guest blog posts and start getting some decent amount of traffic. But choose only blogs that related your niche for good result.

Blog Commenting :

This is another favorite technique and still worthy. You can get massive traffic to your blogs instantly by commenting on other blogs. Many newbie bloggers using blog commenting technique only for getting backlinks. But you can also get traffic to your blogs with your words. Just write up to 50 words related the post and provide some more tips that makes that post most useful. Then your comment will be eye catching and impress their visitors to visit your blogs.

Social Media :

One of the most powerful way to drive tons of traffic to your website. In social media’s like facebook and twitter many users looking for time pass and informative contents. Create your page on social media and increase followers. You can get massive followers within few weeks by your current followers. Just make your fans share your posts by posting attractive updates. This will bring you traffic instantly without hurt your blog in any way. You can also use social locker wordpress plugins to lock important section in your posts and ask readers to share post for view the content.

QA Sites :

qa sites for increase traffic

Question answer sites are widely available online for improve your knowledge. Currently qa sites are approve external links for reference. So you can participate in question answer site discussions and add your links there for drive traffic to your site. Also read how to increase blog traffic with quora. My first suggestion is quora, the question answer site. Am using quora everyday for answer other users question with my post links. Once you find your suitable topic related your post, You can answer the question with some informative content with your blog post link related the questions. Also increase your qa site followers for getting traffic daily by notice them about your new answers.

Internal Linking :

This is one of the useful technique to increase traffic to your old post. Basically internal linking well known as seo suggestion. But don’t forget this also bring traffic to your blog posts. Once you write blog post, Link your related blog post in middle of your blog posts. Then users will notify about the old post and check your linking content too. So you can get more traffic without seo. This also good technique to reduce bounce rate of your blog for increase your website performance.

These all points are bring your more traffic and daily visitors to your website and blogs. So enjoy more traffic without seo and improve your blog performance with more traffic. Also focus on other’s blogs and find interesting content for update your blogs with more user friendly articles. Ask your readers to share your blog posts to share your posts on social media.

I hope this post will helps you to increase website traffic without seo. Follow all above advises carefully and drive more traffic to your blogs and websites. Share this post with your friends.


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