How To Increase Blog Traffic With Twitter


Twitter is one of the most popular social media and ranked 12 in global alexa rank. Many bloggers and webmasters using twitter and sharing their important blog posts and getting lot of traffic. Driving traffic from twitter is not easy matter. There is lot of secrets behind the traffic driving from twitter. You can share your all posts on twitter with your followers. But you have to follow some important formulas for make your blog post more popular on twitter. So here am sharing this How To Increase Blog Traffic Using Twitter Tweets without huge number of followers.

How To Increase Blog Traffic Using Twitter

This is slightly easy and best way to improve your seo score. Social media sharing is one of the way to make your blog popular and get ,more ranking on search engines. So that make your blog content more interesting and get more social media shares. And here in this posts am sharing methods to drive huge traffic from twitter. It’s working without having huge number of twitter followers. Basically twitter allows users to share external links and promote it for free. Anyone can view your links by opening your profile.

There are 300 million active users on twitter with more than 500 million tweets per day. 85% Peoples using twitter on mobile devices and looking for interesting content. So in this time you can share your contents there and get more traffic from here. Follow below secrets and enjoy more traffic from twitter for free.

How To Increase Blog Traffic With Twitter :

Use Hashtags

Twitter showing the trending topics in this world by hashtags. Everyone using hashtags for make there tweets more popular. Officially twitter showing the trending topics in the world and in your country everyday by hashtags. So you can easily share your blog posts with the hashtags of the current trending topics related. But note, Your post must be related the trending topic. So users can click your links by viewing your tweets and you can get more traffic. Also use your topic related hashtags for more visitors who interest in your topics. For example use #SEO #Hacking #Facebook and some other hashtags like this with your twitter tweets.

Use Images

This is the basic twitter suggestion and tip to get more retweets. As per the research twitter tweets with images have receives more retweets and likes from the twitter users. Also tweets with images receives more link clicks in the twitter. So use the images in your tweets for more likes and retweets. If you are writing a seo related post, Simply add your google webmaster tools dashboard and show the increased traffic with the arrow icons. Then users get interest to view your page for boost their search engine ranking.

Mention Followers

You can mention your followers and other twitter users easily like facebook. Mention friends for inform your posts about the topics of there interest. @ mentions notify the twitter profile to read your tweet, When they read your tweet for mentioned value they can also have chance to view your posts. This is one of the genuine way to drive traffic by tweet your posts and mention someone for read your posts. Also the mentioned users followers can view your tweets and get more interest to read your blog post.

Use Retweet Links

When some twitter users tweet your post on their twitter profile, Just retweet this on your profile. This can generate huge traffic in few days by your retweets. Also retweet your followers tweets with your blog links. When your followers and friends tweet their blog post on twitter, You can add your links on tweets and mention them. Then your followers of followers will get notification about the retweet and view your links. This will bring you more readers from your followers. But avoid spam links and other external promotion.

Promote Your Tweets

Twitter allows promotion for your tweets like facebook page posts. So that you can promote your tweets with your links and get more traffic. Twitter advertising target your content related twitter users for reach your audience. In this way you can get more traffic and daily visitors. If your posts are enough to bring the interest to the users, They will becomes your daily visitor. This is easy and simple way and you don’t worry about search engine reputation about your advertising.

I hope these points are gives you more traffic from twitter. This method followed by lot of bloggers and webmaster to promote their blog on twitter for free. You can get more twitter followers and readers for your blog for free by following all above mentioned steps. Also include your blog link on your bio, This will bring you traffic when someone visit your twitter profile.

Increase Blog Traffic Using Twitter

If you are blogger or wordpress, Thats not matter. Simply use some online tools and enable auto share your blog post for twitter. Then you can share your links automatically to twitter, When you forgot to share. This is automatic process and easy to get more traffic on twitter by posting actively.

These all mentioned steps are easy and effective. Also read my post How to increase twitter followers method for more natural twitter followers. So use twitter today and enjoy more traffic to your new blog. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more traffic tips. If you have any doubts and need any help, Comment below.


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