Best Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic Faster


For new bloggers and website owners traffic is the first matter to focus. Here am sharing 20 Best methods to increase blog traffic faster in 2017. The below How To Increase Blog Traffic methods are working great for boost your traffic to new site or blog. Many newbie bloggers stuck in low traffic due to low seo knowledge and non interesting contents. For improve your earnings from ad networks like google adsense and affiliate marketing, Traffic is the main matter. But avoid traffic from bot traffic exchange sites like hitleap and others. Focus on seo and gain more seo traffic from search engines.

ow To Increase Blog Traffic 2017 2018

Follow all below steps and write high quality contents to increase your blog traffic faster. In my opinion Basically Keyword research is the first thing in seo to reach more readers to your blog. There are many seo keyword research tools available on web to do keyword research for your niche. After writing the keyword optimized articles, You will get more traffic from search engines easily.

But in this case your readers must have to visit your blog daily for increase your website reach. For this, You must have high quality articles based on user interest. Below methods are 100% working for drive more traffic to your new blog within few days.

How To Increase Blog Traffic Faster 2017 :

Create Social Media Pages :

Now a days everyone using social media’s for chat with friends and find more friends. So create social media pages and share your blog posts with your social media audience. Increase facebook page likes and twitter followers organically to increase your social media popularity and your blog traffic too. Creating social media pages is easy but getting fans to your pages is the harder matter. Ask your fans to share your page posts and also share some memes for get more shares on your facebook posts.

Submit Blog Post To Reddit :

Reddit describe their service as front page of internet. The user can share posts and post links on reddit for reach more audience to blog in a short time. Subreddits like Awww and Other niche related subreddits are recommended to share your blog posts. Awww subreddit can accept your blog links and it never violate reddit terms. Every sub reddit has terms and rules for sharing content. So that keep in mind to share only useful posts to reddit users.

Write Guest Post :

Guest post is not dead and don’t have chances to dead anymore. Writing guest posts to popular blogs can help you to easily reach more audience with their blog posts. Many wordpress blogs accept guest posts. The guest post is also helps you to get dofollow backlink to your site to rank your page on search engines. But attract site admin to accept your guest posts and write brief info about your post. Also accept other blog admins guest posts on your blogs.

SEO Keywords :

It is the main matter in blog improvement. Without seo, A blog can’t reach more readers. Major search engines like google and yahoo have some rules to make your page appears first page on their search results. Follow proper seo and use keywords on your posts. Long tail keywords can index your posts well in search engines. It also helps you to get more clicks on search results page. All keywords have keyword volume and keyword difficulty for how much of traffic you can get and how can it be index in search engines. For new blogs 50% keyword difficulty can index your posts well. Use top tools like semrush and google trends for find suitable keywords.

Advertisements are the one of the best way to increase your traffic in short time. Try ads in facebook and google. Basically many bloggers avoid advertising due to low money. So i suggest you to use facebook ads. Facebook advertising cost is very low and completely easy to promote your page. Simply write interesting post on your facebook page and boost post for your your custom budget. The cost is very low and you can reach more peoples for increase your page likes and readers on your blog. Both facebook page and website will get benefit.

Use Quora And Yahoo Answers :

Quora and yahoo answers used by many beginners for getting solution for their questions. In this sites create account and answer others questions with your blog posts. For example when someone ask a question about how to increase blog traffic and seo like this. I will share this post link on the answer section. By using this way, Many beginners who have this same question, Will read my blog post and have chances to visit my blog daily for interesting articles about their niche related helps. But avoid only links on answer section. Simply answer them with helpful reply and add your link below your link and notify them to read the post.

All above methods are working fine to increase traffic to new blog and reach more blog audience. I hope this post will helps you to get more traffic to your new blog and existing blog. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more blogging tips and traffic tips.


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