How To Increase Adsense Ctr, Rpm And Cost Per Click


Google adsense is the first suggestion to make passive income with your blog. Adsense pays high paying rates to publishers than all other ad networks. Google adsense currently gives you the better opportunity to increase ad clicks and earnings. Beginners who using adsense on their blogs, Slightly getting trouble by low ctr and low rpm. So here is the way for How To Increase Adsense Ctr. Actually ctr is the short form of click through rate. That accurately calculates your clicks from page views. By having lower ctr than 5% is actually bad experience and surely it’s your mistake in adsense journey.

How To Increase Adsense Ctr

Ctr also affects adsense cost per click rates effectively. By having more ctr in your blog, Adsense clarify your site as well optimized for adsense. So that you can get high paying ads from advertisers. Getting more clicks from your users in your hands by ad placement and high quality articles. Basically adsense shows relevant ads to the internet users for serve more content interested traffic to the advertiser websites. In this case ad placing is on the first recommendation. Here am show you the best performance ad placement and ad sizes for more adsense earnings.

If you are blogspot blogger or wordpress blogger. Choose your theme carefully and think about the ads and loading time before choosing it. Themes are the main secret to get more clicks on your adsense ads. So use the responsive adsense friendly themes and ad spaces for attract your visitors to get more clicks on your ads.

How To Increase Adsense Ctr, Rpm :

There are many ways to increase your adsense ctr without violating adsense terms. Here is some optimizations which is used by most of successful adsense earners in the world. So follow all below recommended points and optimize your site for better adsense earnings.

boost adsense earnings ctr india

Make Your Ads More Visible :

An proper ad placement will get chance to earn more cpc and ctr. On the themes sites you can get variety of themes to place adsense ads in the selected layout sections. If you are wordpress user, Simply install external plugins like Ad Injection and adsense wordpress plugin. This will allows you to show ads on middle of the post automatically. While adding ads to inside the post, Have more chance to get more clicks. Use recommended ad sizes likeĀ 336×280 orĀ 300×250 as inline ads.

Use Link Ads In Post Section :

Link ads are the well performed ads in adsense. You will get more clicks and ctr through link ads on your post. Place suitable link ads below the post title and above the post title in your blog post for getting more clicks. After the post link ad is important. Because when a visitor read your post and thought to leave your site, They will look on the ads and click on it. Only some users can leave your post in the half reading. So that i recommend to add link ads before and after the post content. This is performs very well and you will get more ctr instantly.

Increase Search Engine Traffic :

Seo traffic is the main matter to get more ctr and cpc on adsense. I have already said adsense shows relevant ads to the visitors. When visitors land on your page through search engines, They will get their query related advertisements. So that your readers will click on it without any doubts. Also it improves your cost per click rates. Actually google pays higher rates for seo traffic than direct traffic. So that your ctr and cpc will be increases much faster and it will generate huge income.

Use Google Analytics :

Google analytics is the free tool for analyze your web traffic. Here you can increase your adsense earnings as double. This is really cool and very useful matter to get more seo traffic and ctr. When you analyse your traffic sources and visitor landing pages, You can get the complete details about Which keyword drive maximum traffic to your site. By tracking the keyword, Use the related high paying keywords on your post to get more cost per click rates. You can also track the cpc rates on keyword research sites like semrush and ahrefs.

Reduce Bounce Rate :

Bounce rate is also affects adsense earnings indirectly. It is the natural one on blogs and websites that getting high bounce rates. But this is very dangerous to get more earnings on adsense. Bounce rate calculates the readers navigation. When a visitor land on your page and leaves your site, That means your site not providing the enough info. Here is my tips to reduce bounce rate. So low bounce rate is recommended to get more page views and earnings. Use internal linking and place some videos in your post for attract visitors to stay on your page. Then you will get more ad clicks and high cpc rates for low bounce rate which is equal to more page visits.

reduce bounce rate wordpress

After all optimizations you can definitely feel the better improvement in your adsense earnings in your site. Follow all above steps carefully and do keyword research for find high paying keywords for increase cost per click rates. For more earnings this post will surely helps you. Just spend some time for optimize your ads and find the well performed ad sizes and ad placements to boost earnings dramatically.

Update your blog everyday with more informative posts for increase returning visitors. If you have any premium account like ahrefs and semrush, Use them for keyword analyse and optimize your blog post with high paying keywords. Also focus on united states and united kingdom traffic to get more cost per click rates from top tier countries. Comment here if you have any doubts and keep visiting for more updates.


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