How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For Seo


Keyword research is the main part in seo and blog traffic. Basically google requires enough keywords for rank your page. Many beginners looking How To Use Google Keyword Planner for looking for increase traffic from google and other search engines. But mostly they are skipped keyword research for write natural content. Actually keyword research is the way to find your blog audience and improve your blog authority. There are lot of online tools offering free and paid keyword research for find popular keywords. But google providing adwords keyword tool for find the keywords for free with monthly searches and keyword difficulty.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google Keyword planner is the free tool for all users. You can enter your desired phrase in this tool and get tons of related keywords for target your blog traffic. Once you find the popular keyword with low keyword difficulty related your post, You can use them in your post for increase your search engine ranking. Google keyword planner tool launched for advertisers for find the keyword related product. But you can use them for grow up your blog traffic and seo.

Google account is enough to create your google adwords account instantly. So you can login to google adwords tool by your google account credentials. Also this tool provides keyword cpc for increase your adsense earnings too with organic traffic. If you are working in tech niche blogs, track any keyword with how to and trick to. Then you will get all related keywords with all keyword details like monthly searches and cost per click. Then you will get more audience through google search. So follow below steps to use google keyword planner effectively and increase seo traffic.

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool :

Here is the guide to find keywords for increase your seo traffic. In this tool you can get all valuable keywords with all info like cpc, difficulty, volume. So you can target your audience for grow up your blog traffic shortly.

  • Open Google Keyword Planner¬†and signin to your google account.
  • Now enter your desired phrase and choose the targeted country.
  • You can choose targeted country as your country or other countries.
  • Then choose the keyword language and start a search.
  • Finally you will get all keywords related your phrase with complete details.

You will get keyword search volume for find how many users searching for this keyword in a month. This will bring you more seo traffic and popularity. Cpc stands for cost per click, If you are getting traffic with the particular keyword on your site or blogs you will get the cost per click on ad clicks. So you can get high paying keywords for increase your adsense earnings.

how to use google keyword planner

Competition is the keyword difficulty for the particular keyword. If you are new blogger or you are getting low traffic in your blogs, You can target low competition keywords for index your blog posts for the particular keyword.

I suggest to use semrush alternatively, if you are unable to use google keyword planner tool. Semrush is the best alternative for google keyword planner. It also provides all keyword details like volume and cpc. Keyword difficulty is the main feature of semrush, It provides the better way to target your seo traffic.


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