How To Use Google Alerts For SEO Link Building


Google alerts is one of the best tool for bloggers and affiliate marketers. Everyday google crawls billions of pages for indexing web pages on google search results. Google alert helps you to get alert when someone mention the word on their page and get indexing. Once you setup the google alert for desired keyword, You will get notification on your gmail account as new page mention the given keyword. It also helps you to find out who copy your blog posts and paste it on other blogs. So here am sharing how to use google alerts for seo.

how to use google alerts for seo

Here google alerts helps you to get backlinks for rank your page on search engines. You have to choose the desired keyword for rank your webpage and track them on google alert. Then you will alert when someone mention the keyword on other blogs. Here you can paste your post url with desired keyword for increase the backlinks count and improve the search engine pagerank.

Here in this post am sharing step by step guide to use google alerts for seo link building. Follow all below steps and enjoy unlimited high quality backlinks for improve your seo score and seo traffic. You need google account for setup google alerts. Then you’ll get notification emails to your gmail account.

How To Use Google Alerts For SEO :

  • Open google alerts and sign in with your gmail account.
  • On homepage click on your current gmail account and open alerts menu.
  • Then paste your desired keyword and choose How often as As-it happens.
  • Choose your desired country or choose any region for all region.
  • Then choose the how many as only the best results.
  • Finally choose the delivery mail as your desired account and confirm.

Then you will get email when someone mention the particular keyword on anywhere. That means that page indexed with some keywords and it have your niche related keywords too. So you can open the newly indexed page and get backlink for improve your pagerank. This method gives you more natural backlinks effectively.

how to use google alerts

Here is my screenshot of google alerts settings for my keyword get backlink from youtube. Previously am sharing how to get dofollow backlink from youtube. For rank this page this alerts helps me. When someone share article about getting backlink from youtube, Am commenting with my post link and keyword. Then i will get pagerank boost using more backlinks from same keyword related pages.

I hope this post helps you to get more backlinks naturally for improve your search engine page rank. Follow all above steps and enjoy more quality backlinks and seo traffic. If you have any questions or confused in steps or how to set up google alerts keywords, just comment here.


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