How Much Money Do Youtubers Make Per View ?


Now youtube is the most popular online video source for find and watch your favorite category videos free of cost. Many youtubers make money with their videos from ads. Everyone have a question related youtube earnings. There are lot of internet users in youtube watching every category video. When they view the video and clicking on ads how much of money do youtubers make? Here in this post am gonna explain this for those guys, Who searching for How Much Money Do Youtubers Make per view 2017.

How Much Money Do Youtubers Make

Youtube is completely suitable for adsense ads. You can upload your favorite videos on youtube and monetize for make money. Youtube has higher chances to get more page views in adsense and you will get more earnings. Website and blog admins requires lot of page views to get healthy earnings. But in youtube a video got millions and billions of page views so how much of money youtubers can make. Follow below guide and secrets to start with youtube adsense.

Youtube officially allows users to monetize their videos by views. But you must have clicks on your adsense ads for increase earnings. Unlike blogs and websites you will get very low earnings in adsense without page views. Every views counted as per view in adsense. But except ad block users. Here am sharing this official guide about youtubers money making journey in adsense ads.

How Much Money Do Youtubers Make :

Google adsense basically showing cpm in adsense dashboard. Actually cpm means the earnings per 1000 impressions. When a youtube channel have $5 cpm. The advertiser must pays $5 per 1000 youtube video views with their ads. Except clicks, If you have enough keywords and subscribers from top tier country you can get $5 to $10 cpm in your video. So that if you get around 1000 views per day in you youtube video, You can make as per your users location and ads. Cpm is very important in youtube for get higher earnings via ads.

And the clicks are naturally provided by users. You can get cost per click as per your traffic location and keywords. Yes, keywords are the main topic in adsense in any source like blogs and youtube videos. You can trace your competitors youtube earnings through semrush and other keyword research tools.

Just open the competitors youtube channel and check the most viewed video. Then look at the title and description. When you find a keyword related query, Just search on semrush for the keyword. Then you will get average cost per click rate on the videos. Many adsense users getting ctr around 1% to 1.5% as per the video length. So you can calculate the ctr and cpc for track any youtube channel earnings per day.

I hope this post helps you to understand How Much Money Do Youtubers Make per view in youtube channel. For increase your adsense earnings in youtube channel just do keyword research and use high paying keywords in video title and description section. Also check my post about How To Get More Views On Youtube Video For Free and How To Increase Adsense Ctr, Rpm And Cost Per Click For increase your youtube adsense earnings. Share this post with your friends.



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