How To Hack Someone Whatsapp Chat 2017


Whatsapp is the most popular messenger app for android users. Now a days many android users using whatsapp for chat with friends and family. There are many whatsapp users using whatsapp everyday for chatting. Here in this post am sharing brief guide about how to hack someone whatsapp chat 2017. The below methods are helps you to monitor some of your friends and family members for track their activities on whatsapp. You can track their messages and videos of whatsapp using the below steps.

How To Hack Someone Whatsapp Chat

Here in this post am sharing some methods which working for hack whatsapp chat history. There are lot of spy software and tools available on the web for track all android phone activity. So that am sharing this trick with spy software too. If you don’t want to use any spy apps and looking best method for hack whatsapp chat history online, Use the official whatsapp web. You can use whatsapp web trick to hack whatsapp chats without target phone.

Whatsapp officially allows users to use whatsapp messenger on pc using whatsapp web. So you can use this method for track someone whatsapp chat history using your desktop pc. Once you done this whatsapp web tutorial in your pc, You can get all victim’s chat history in your desktop whatsapp.

How To Hack Someone Whatsapp Chat 2017 :

The below method based on whatsapp web, You need the target phone for follow below procedures.

  • Take your friends android mobile which installed whatsapp.
  • Open the whatsapp messenger and click on settings option.
  • There you will get Whatsapp Web option for use whatsapp on pc.
  • Just open this option and now it’s asking scan QR Code verification.
  • After getting the qr scanner, Open in your desktop browser.
  • Then show Qr code in your whatsapp messenger.
  • Finally you will get success message and you can use victim’s whatsapp in your desktop browser.

You can view all chat history of the targeted android mobile. Once you verify the qr code in your desktop browser, You can start using the whatsapp features like chatting with the whatsapp contact. You can also view all chat history and videos of victim in your pc.

Hack Whatsapp Chat History Using Free Spy App :

The second method is whatsapp spy, Many android spy apps available to hack whatsapp chat using app installing. Once you install the spy app in victim’s mobile, You can track all android mobile activity like brwwsing history, chatting history, calls and messaging.

  • Download GuestSpy in the target phone and install it.
  • Now Create account on guestspy app and login.
  • Then Guestspy monitoring all user activity including whatsapp chat history.
  • Then open in your browser and login with your credentials.
  • Finally you will get all data’s of monitored android mobile including whatsapp chat.

This method working fine and 100% easy to use. This app gives 48 hours free trial to the new users. So you can hack whatsapp chat and gain all the data’s of any android user. Once you install this app in your friends mobile. This app will hide from apps menu and start working. So that victim will never get attention while install this app on their mobile and tracking the device. Here is the screenshot of guest spy app login page.

Guest Spy Login

For uninstall this app in victim’s mobile, Open apps menu in android settings and search for guest spy app. Then open this app and click on uninstall button. Once you click on the uninstall button, This app will deleted from the device.

Both methods are working fine to hack whatsapp chat history on pc. So follow the above steps and enjoy whatsapp hack. This trick only for educational purpose and don’t use this trick for illegal purpose. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more hacking tricks.


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