How To Hack Facebook Account – Latest Method 2017


Hello friends, here am gonna share you this facebook hacking trick. Facebook is the world’s number one social network for internet users. Now billions of people’s using facebook accounts for find new friends and chat with them. Today am gonna share you this how to hack facebook account method for know your friends facebook password without any hacking knowledge. Actually facebook has tightened their security system against hackers. But using some other sources we can hack facebook account password by using some third party sites and apps like zshadow.

Hack Facebook 2017

Here in this post am gonna share you this phishing tutorial for hack facebook. Phishing is known as fake login page for websites that getting user information and store them for access later. Only few users have knowledge about phishing. This is easy to hack accounts via phishing pages. Using zshadow facebook and gmail phishing page is easy. You don’t have to know about how to create phishing page for facebook and gmail. And This is illegal, But recommended method for hacking someone’s accounts.

Follow the below mentioned steps and create phishing page for facebook. Then you can access someone’s login details through phishing pages easily. And zshadow is the easy tool for create phishing page for facebook and gmail.

How To Hack Facebook Account 2017 :

  • Open Zshadow website and register a new account.
  • Then verify your account details and login to zshadow site.
  • Here choose the country flag which you want to display in facebook login page.
  • Now Click Make Custom Page to create your own page for phishing.

Create Facebook Phishing Page

  • Now choose the facebook version  by url and user agent.
  • Choose the victim’s browser agent for better looking phishing page.
  • Enter the captcha code correctly and click on Make button.

Hack Facebook With Phishing 2017

  • Finally create page and copy the facebook phishing page link and share with your friends.
  • For your phishing page url links, open My Pages on Make Custom Page.

When someone login to facebook with zshadow facebook phishing page. The login details will stored in your zshadow account. You can access them via your dashboard anytime. This is easy and free to use. The login details storage is unlimited, So that you can share it with your friends and others for track them login information without any suspicious behavior.

For get the login details of your victims, open zshadow account and click on My Victim. Here login email and password shows with the user details. Simply copy it and login to facebook account.

Follow The Below Screenshot For Remove Primary Email From Facebook Without Password And Primary Email Verification. By Removing Primary email address from facebook account, you can access the full account and get rid of recovery from facebook user. This is working for hack facebook account and remove primary email from facebook.

Also If your facebook friends and other’s forgot to logout from your phone and you wanna hack them. Use this method for take their account. Simply create new email account from outlook and use it for remove primary email and add them. Then the victim’s can’t login to their accounts or recover them via their email address.

So guys, I hope this method will helps you for learn How To Hack Facebook 2017. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more hacking tricks.


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