How To Get Organic Us Traffic To Your Blog


Traffic is the main target of every blogger for improve their earnings and popularity. Many beginner bloggers searching for how to get traffic to new blog and increase visitors. But getting traffic from search engines is the main requirement to increase blog traffic. Google and other search engines are crawling billions of web pages everyday and rank them by the qualification base. Getting organic traffic is slightly hard for beginners. But it is very important to improve your alexa rank and advertisement revenue. Basically you can get first page in google for low difficulty keywords for increase visitors. And it must be country related keyword for gain targeted country specific traffic. In this post am sharing how to get organic us traffic to your blog for increase ranking.

How to get us traffic

Getting traffic from us is not hard, once you are using us related keywords. There are many keyword analyzer tools available for track the us traffic interest as per volume and cpc. In this post you will learn about how to get targeted us traffic to your blog and increase ad revenue.

United states traffic basically mentioned by many ad networks for serve high paying ads. Like adsense and media both providing high paying ads to us traffic. So that you can increase your blog earnings through us and uk traffic. Read the below methods and enjoy us traffic to your new blog.

How To Get Organic Us Traffic To Your Blog :

Seo and social media is the two main things that you need to focus for gain organic traffic and country related traffic. In search engine optimization, websites and blogs must have common seo optimization for get indexed in search engines. So that follow proper seo and start getting organic us traffic.

Change Targeted Country In Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools is the commonly used seo tool for rank your web page in google. As per google algorithm and requirements, You have to choose the targeted country in webmaster tools for index your web page in country wise search engine results. Google does not providing same results in all countries. As per the country search results will be change for improve the user experience in search results.

Get Us Traffic From Google

Open google webmaster tools and navigate to Search Traffic. Then click on international targeting and choose united states in target users. Then google will show up your web pages in google united states search results for drive traffic to your blog.

Use Keywords And Optimize Posts:

Keywords are the main thing to drive traffic to your webpage. Mostly searched words and search suggestions are available as keywords from best free keyword research sites. So that you can analyze them for target united states visitors and drive traffic from us. Volumes are shows how any times the particular keyword searched in google. This is called user interest and targeting keywords.

Keyword Density Checker

See the given keyword volumes in the screenshot. In the keyword research tool am ascending the keyword volume for getting mostly searched keywords on google from united states. For gain the organic traffic from united states, i have to use the low keyword difficulty keyword with high volume for getting huge traffic to my blog.

Find Usa Users In Social Media :

Adding more social media members and getting friends from other country is possible now a days. Using facebook and google plus, You can get usa members. Just search usa based groups and profiles from social media and say them to share your posts and visit your blog. If you have interesting content on your blog and enough information, Your social media friends will follow your webpage and visit them everyday for more interesting posts. Increase the us traffic from social media and use it for rank your page in usa based google results.

Use USA Classified Sites :

Classified sites not live now and you can place ads related your blog in usa classified sites. Just post a ad with your blog post link and share them with your usa visitors. If you are amazon affiliate user and looking for content marketing, Usa classified sites are best for advertise. You can generate huge number of traffic from usa classified site ads by placing your ads with blog link of related post.When someone visit your ad and looking for info about the ads, they will also read your blog post.

Host Site On Us Server :

I hope many wordpress blog admins using usa hosting plan for host a website. It is really important to host your site in usa server. Because it will give you the better page loading speed and optimization. When a site hosting on usa server, Visitors will getting web pages faster without any loading time.

How To Reduce Bounce Rate

Many online users loves the website with faster loading for browse internet. It also helps to reduce bounce rate. That means your readers will read your blog post and navigate to other posts. Low bounce rate will increase ctr and clicks from search engines. So that you can get huge traffic to your blog within few days.

Conclusion :

I hope the above methods will helps you to get huge traffic from united states. Not only us traffic, you can use these above tips for gain traffic from any country for increase your blog visitors. Follow all above steps and enjoy us traffic. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more updates.


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