How To Use Hitleap Premium Account Features For Free


Hitleap is one of the best traffic exchange system for increase the web traffic by visiting others website. It is an automated traffic exchange system for reduce your traffic exchange work for free. You can improve the alexa rank and traffic for free using hitleap. But in free account hitleap users can only run hitleap viewer with direct referrer. Actually this direct traffic can hurt your adsense account and search engine score. In hitleap premium account, You can get free search engine visits without any interruptions. So here am gonna share you this how to use hitleap premium account without paying.

How to use Hitleap Premium Account Free

By using this method, Your website will get targeted us traffic from google. Without paying the amount to hitleap, You can simply follow the procedures to enjoy search engine visits for free. It is really free and easy to use simply follow the below procedures and enjoy unlimited bot traffic from google and other search engines. This method only works with google and some other search engines. Other major search engines like yahoo and bing doesn’t support this trick. So i recommend to use only google for this method.

Hitleap traffic exchange system offering traffic by running hitleap viewer on your computer for earn minutes and hits from other. When you submit your website on hitleap and choose hits and minutes, Your site will get placed in hiteap viewer, So the hitleap users get your site through hitleap viewer software. For make this traffic referrer from search engines, Here is the great tutorial for you. Simply follow the given procedures and enjoy search engine visits for boost your alexa rank and search engine score.

How To Use Hitleap Premium Features For Free :

Open and search your blog url. You can search your blog title or search the desired keyword for rank your site. When you getting your site on the search results page with your desired keyword. Simply copy the url link of your site through google search result.

How to use Hitleap Premium Free

Now open your hitleap free account and click on add website. Now paste the copied link on the hitleap website box and fill further fields. Finally click on save and start getting traffic from google.

How to use Hitleap Premium Account

You will get traffic from google referrer url for your website with desired for rank your page. So your search engine traffic will be increased by more ctr on google search results. Basically the hitleap traffic mainly came from usa. So that use instead of your country related google search domain.

For test the work of this method, Simply open the traffic source in your blog or website and view the work. Hitleap viewer used by many bloggers and webmasters to increase their website visits and improve alexa rank. So you will get lot of traffic in a short time.

Enjoy unlimited search engine traffic to your website without hitleap premium account. I hope this post will helps you to increase the traffic and boost alexa rank. You can also use this method with your adsense approved sites. No banning issues and other violation of terms. Enjoy huge traffic to your sites through hitleap and share this post with your friends.


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