How To Get Google Adsense Approval 2017


Google adsense is the best high paying ad network in the world offering high cpc for all publishers. Many bloggers making huge money with google adsense with their legit traffic. But some beginners getting rejected from adsense due to insufficient content. Basically google have some terms to approve publishers on their platform. These approval system is now free and you can get easy approval by following below How To Get Google Adsense Approval steps. In this post am sharing all easy steps and requirements to get approved in google adsense. Then start making money and enjoy blogging.

How To Get Adsense Approval

If you are blogger and having a blog with blogger and wordpress site?. You can get easy approval on google adsense. Just read the adsense terms and create a useful custom site with well navigation. Add fresh content in blog and write briefly about your post. Basically adsense and other ad networks requires enough posts and post length for serving high paying ads to your website and blogs. Keywords are the another thing to create attractive posts and share it with world via google.

Once you get rejected due to insufficient content. That means your blogs and website not looking good and posts are not looking with enough information. I made adsense approval with my 4 blogs with just 10 posts and very low traffic. So traffic and posts count is not required to get approval in adsense. Follow the simple steps and add required pages to get approved in adsense.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval 2017 :

Use Top Level Domain :

Use top level domain like .com .net .org like this. If you have¬†blogger¬†blog or wordpress blog. You must have top level domain for getting approval in adsense. You can get adsense approval with your second level domain, Once your blog domain age must reach 6 months due to blogger adsense 6 months rule. You can notify adsense button not clickable in on new blog. But top level domains don’t have any domain age requirements. So buy top level domain and apply adsense with top level domain.

Use Responsive Theme :

Buy a premium theme or get any free theme with easy navigation. Bloggers requires to use dynamic well looking themes for attract your visitors and adsense also expect well looking layout for placing ads. You can get lot of blogger themes and wordpress templates by searching it on google. After getting a responsive theme, Create attractive layouts and make your blog looking better with new theme.

Write Long Content :

According to seo, content is the king. Long contents can help your post well index in google and have chance to get adsense approval. Avoid copied contents and Write briefly about your blog post and share all information in a single post. Use headings and write paragraphs briefly. Your post content must be under 400 words and have headings and paragraphs. Long contents can also helps your site to get high paying ads and Ctr. So take a look in post length and fix them with more information.

Add Required Pages :

Add about us, contact us, privacy policy pages in your blog and link these pages in your homepage. Adsense crawlers requires these pages to understand what your blog is about. Contact us pages must contains with your email address and other social media links for easily get messages from your blog visitors. For privacy policy pages, Simply google it for free privacy policy generator for blogs. Once you have added all above pages with enough details, You are now ready to get adsense approval.

Remove all other local ads while apply :

If you are using local ad networks and pop under advertisements, Remove them in your site for getting approval. Basically adsense not like pop under advertisements and other annoying banners. As per ad placement policies, your ads must placed well in template and similar ads like adsense banners not allowed. Due to this type of issues remove all other ads while apply for adsense.

Follow all above tips and change your site with adsense friendly themes for getting instant approval in adsense. By following all above steps you have higher chances to get approval in adsense. Then start making money and enjoy blog earnings with adsense ads.


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