How To Get Dofollow Backlink From Google


Here is the latest method How To Get Dofollow Backlink From Google. Dofollow backlinks are the important part in seo ranking and boost your domain authority. Here google has lot of algorithms to rank a web page in search results. Before 2016 google gives page rank to the pages which have more backlinks. But after the google algorithm update 2017 2018 it takes only quality, not the quantity. You need high quality backlinks in your site for gain better page rank in google and other search engines. Here everyone looking for high pr backlinks and high quthority pages for get backlinks.

How To Get Dofollow Backlink From Google

In this post am sharing quick easy way to get high page rank dofollow backlink from google. Actually this post about to get backlink from google drive. But google only consider the domain url as the domain name and it gives the better rank. drive is the sub domain of google and your backlink consider as linking from google domain.

So this is easy and simple to get dofollow backlink from google domain. It will improve your seo score and domain authority dramatically in just few days. Here follow the below step by step guide to gain your free backlink from google.

How To Get Dofollow Backlink From Google :

Step 1 : Create google drive account.

Google drive is the part of google, So you can create your google drive account simply with your current google account. If you don’t have google account, You must create it for make google drive account for upload your files and share them. open google drive and you will get access to google drive account directly without any signup and sign in.

Step 2 : Create new folder in google drive.

Google drive allows you to create certain folders for upload your files as per your wish. You can choose your folder name and start upload your files with any format. There are lot of bvenefits available in this folder feature. For generate your backlink, You have to create a folder in google drive folder and name it.

create google drive folder

Step 3 : Right click on the folder and choose advance.

Advanced settings allows you to customize the folder visibility and sharing. Once you choose the advanced settings you will get folder link for share folder with friends and others. Here choose the privacy settings for who has access. Then click on the change button for customize the folder visibility.

Step 4 : Change the link sharing option to public.

Link sharing is the way to share your google drive folders with your friends and others. Here choose your privacy to public. Then your folder page will get public access and also it will available for google bots for crawl you dofollow links.

google drive folder link sharing

Step 5 : Create new html file and upload it on folder.

This is the main step for get backlink from google. Once you complete the folder settings and it is available to public. Copy the below code and paste it on notepad. The below code is the html to show your website url with particular text.

<title> Free Hacking Tricks </title>
<h2> Hacking Tricks And Tips </h2>
<h3> <a href=”” target=_blank”>Hacking Tricks</a></br>

Replace the website url with your website link, and change the anchor text with your desired keyword which you want to rank the page for. Then change the title section with any lsi keyword and save the file with .html format in your notepad. Then right click on the folder and upload this html file.

Step 6 : Save the folder and enjoy your dofollow backlink.

Finally you are done and enjoy your backlink from google. In just 24 hours, Your backlink crawled by search engine bots and your pagerank will be improves soon. You can also use this trick for rank your any article in google with desired keyword.

So guys, Enjoy your high quality dofollow backlink from google and enjoy your page rank. Also read my previous post about how to get dofollow backlink from youtube. If you still confuse about how to get dofollow backlink from google. Then just comment here.


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