How To Get Free Deleted Domains List With Traffic


Are you searching for How To Get Free Deleted Domains List for free, Then here is the brief tutorial for you. Domain name is the main thing for start a successful website. After getting the desired domain name for your blog. You must follow many techniques for increase your website traffic. But you can follow some alternative ways before choose your domain name for get tons of traffic instantly. Basically domain names have the expiration date after due dates and available to register for other users. In this time that domain getting some natural traffic from old website optimization. Many site admins forgot to renew their domain names and loss the domain after the expiration. So you can buy deleted domains for getting decent amount of traffic instantly without buying the paid traffic.

How To Get Free Deleted Domains List

Here in this post am sharing brief guide about how to find  deleted domains list from godaddy. Yes, godaddy is the popular domain name service provider. Here you can get all hosting packs, domain names, seo services and security services. Godaddy officially provides the deleted domains free search with traffic counts on auctions service. Once you open the page and enter your desired keyword, You will get all deleted domains for free. Then you can register them for your website improvement.

Also you can gain the previous backlinks and pagerank of the deleted domains. But you must register your domain related your niche. Because this is one of the main reason for future seo. You can enter your niche keyword and track the list. So follow below method to find  deleted domains with pagerank.

How To Get Free Deleted Domains List :

You can follow below steps on godaddy auction page for find deleted domains. This tool is completely free and easy to use. So you will get all details like current traffic amounts and price. You have to wait for the expiration of domain.

  • Open Auctions page of godaddy.
  • Enter your niche related keyword in the search box.
  • You will get full list of expired domains with all details.
  • Then wait for the expiration and register your domain.
  • Here you can also sort the traffic count and price value.

Basically deleted domains rates are higher than usual. But you can get them here as per your budget and traffic requirements. Once you find the profitable domain name, note down the time left option and wait for the expiration. Then you will get the domain name in your account for your desired website.

Here is the screenshot of results page, Am sorting the traffic to find the high traffic domain name. See the list of deleted domains, These all are getting tons of traffic till now. The first domain getting nearly 3 lacks traffic till now. You can simply buy the domain only for $25 and collect all the traffic for improve your site.

Deleted Domains List

Godaddy auctions page also providing multiple features to improve your search satisfaction on auctions page. Popular searches is one of them to find your desired domain name. Just use any desired section in popular searches for find the deleted domains with desired value. Here you will get all deleted domains category wise. So you can search them here with all required features.


    • No bro, Purchasing domain for drive traffic to your blog is the bad opinion for seo improvement. But if you want to get more traffic on your new site, You can create new site with expired domain and park them. Currently am focusing only on seo traffic.

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