Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Tutorial 2018


Hello friends facebook messenger is the popular messaging application for chatting with friends and family. Here am sharing facebook messenger chat bot tutorial for beginners with easy guides. You can create your own facebook messenger chat bot in just 5 minutes by following below steps. So Follow below guide and enjoy your own facebook messenger chat in just few minutes.

facebook messenger chat bot

For make this bot works, you need some simple requirements. Create new free accounts on below sites and follow the steps. No need any coding skills to develop your own working facebook chat bot 2018. Python everywhere helps you to run python code on the cloud. You can run any python code on this site. Api.ai is the tool that allows users to build auto chatting messenger bots. So you can use this tools to create own facebook messenger chat bot tutorial.

Follow below simple steps to create Facebook Messenger Chat Bot. Follow the below steps in api.ai and pythoneverywhere account.

Facebook Messenger Chat Bot Tutorial :

  • Create a new account on api.ai and PythonAnywhere sites.
  • Open dialogueflow and create new agent with your desired name.
  • Click on Intents and create a small intent with some info.
  • Enter the intent response as 42 and click on try it now.
  • Now you are ready to use small chat bot with dialogueflow.
  • Open My Agent and copy the Client access token and copy the code.

facebook messenger bot tutorial

  • Then open pythoneverywhere account and add new webapp.
  • Choose python v 3.5 and choose Flask for framework.
  • Now choose a name for your pythoneverywhere url.
  • Now open flask_app.py file in the directory and click edit.
  • On the 60th line of flask_app.py file you will get flow for FB messenger & api.ai.
  • After that install packages in your python anywhere Bash console.
  • Then restart your python anywhere web app and click circular button.

Finally you are ready to install facebook messenger chat bot in facebook. Login to your facebook account and open create new page option. Enter a name for your page and choose the category and launch your page publicly.

facebook messenger chat bot tutorial

Open facebook apps page and create a new app with your desired name and contact info and category. Enter your real email address in the contact info details.

  • Create a access token for your new facebook page.
  • Copy this Access Token and Paste in your python anywhere code [below line 4].
  • Enter the call back url with https:// and use the same verification tokens.
  • Then open your new page and click on facebook subscribe button.
  • Finally your facebook page and facebook messenger connected.

Your webapp works as a bridge to connect user and bot. So you can start chatting with your bot anytime anywhere. Follow all above steps carefully and enjoy facebook messenger chat bot. If you have any doubts while following above steps, Simply comment here. Also read How To Create Own Facebook Viral Comments Site for create facebook comments bot site.

The all above steps are mentioned clearly. So you can follow the steps without any annoying doubts. Sometimes you will face some errors while creating your web app in python everywhere account. Simply give some time to build this app and make this app works.


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