How To Earn Money With Twitter And Clickbank


Clickbank is of the high paying affiliate marketing platform for make money by promote products and increase sales. Here am sharing this How To Earn Money With Twitter And Clickbank for beginners who searching for how to increase clickbank earnings. There are lot of online users using clickbank effectively and get tons of sales and earnings from home. For promote your affiliate products, You need blogs are active social followers. Because this is not cpc based advertising. clickbank is the Affiliate marketing platform. You can only get earnings when users purchase products through your affiliate links.

How To Earn Money With Twitter And Clickbank

Twitter is my first suggestion to make money with clickbank. All of us know twitter is the most popular social network with millions of active users. Here you can get lot of stuffs and others daily. Twitter users are active daily and checking the trending topics of world. Here also you can increase your blog traffic using twitter trending topics. Read my previous post for increase blog traffic with twitter. So this made easy to increase your clickbank sales and earnings through twitter.

By using the advanced search feature of twitter you can get lot of sales and earnings. When someone interest to buy products online and looking for low cost products, You can get sales and enjoy your earnings via twitter. Here am sharing step by step guide and tips to sell clickbank products on twitter and make money. Follow all below steps and guides to earn money with twitter and clickbank.

How To Earn Money With Twitter And Clickbank :

At first choose the desired product in clickbank which you want to promote. Then use google shorten url service to short your affiliate links. Once you get the shorten url copy it and open twitter. Then follow below simple steps.

  • Open twitter advanced search and you will get search box.
  • Then search your desired product name as “Product Name”-http.
  • Now Results page will shown with the clients tweets.
  • Start retweet and paste your clickbank product shorten url.
  • Search only with product name -http in search box for targeted clients.
  • Then you will get more affiliate sales through twitter.

Here many twitter users looking for low price fresh products. -http will show the results without any url. Once you search the product name with -http it shows all tweets and replies without any external link. So here you can paste the link for suggest users to buy the product. This way provides more sales and earnings just by 30 minutes work per day. Here is the twitter advanced settings page for find targeted clients.

twitter advanced search page

Enjoy unlimited clickbank sales from twitter and earn more money with clickbank. You can also choose the trending topics of your country. Once you find any trending topic related the product. Just open the hashtag and search tweets and tweeters. Share your affiliate links and use the trending hashtags in your replies and tweets.

I hope this post helps you to increase your clickbank sales and earnings through twitter. If you have any questions related How To Earn Money With Twitter And Clickbank or how to increase clickbank earnings from twitter, comment here. Also share this post with friends.


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