How To Earn Money With Hitleap Traffic 2017


Hitleap is the popular auto surf traffic exchange system which providing the simple way to increase web traffic by surfing others. Basically this tool is the simple traffic generator by automatic process. When you join hitleap and start working with auto surf. You have to download hitleap viewer and run it on your pc. After starting hitleap traffic exchange you will get hits from others. Then you can use this hits to deliver number of traffic to your site. By using hitleap many bloggers improving their alexa rank by traffic. But it makes hitleap adsense ban.

make money hitleap

Here am sharing this hitleap money making method for earn money online by auto surf traffic exchange. Some online sites pays money to promote their website content and providing traffic to them. In this type of sites shorten url sites and image sharing sites are famous. This method also based by image sharing platform. Unlike all other tricks, It is easy and safe to use. So that today am sharing this easy hitleap money making trick 2017 with you.

If you are searching safe way for how to use hitleap to make money. Then Follow below simple steps and enjoy unlimited money. No need to work hard like other methods. The below process is fully autopilot methods. So start hitleap earn money.

How To Earn Money With Hitleap Traffic 2017 :

This method based on shotimg upload images and earn make money. Shotimg pays money for sharing images on web and delivering traffic to image file page. This website working with very faster loading time.

  • Create new account on shotimg¬†and complete account setup.
  • Then navigate to homepage and upload any image file.

How To Earn Money With Hitleap

  • Then you will get direct link of image and you are now ready to earn money.
  • Create new blogger blog and update 2,3 posts.
  • Complete your blogger blog as looking good with best template.

Blogger Make Money Hitleap

  • Now open blogger dashboard and click on themes.
  • Here Click on Edit Html under your current template preview.
  • Look for <head> Section and paste the below code.

<meta content=’3;url=XXXXXXXXXX’ http-equiv=’refresh’/>

Earn Money Hitleap Blogger

  • Replace XXXX with your shotimg url link and save the theme.
  • Finally you are almost done.
  • Open hitleap and paste your any blog post link and start delivering traffic.

Finally your shotimg will receive traffic from hitleap. Unlike other methods it is safe and best to use hitleap for make money. Actually the given shotimg image will get traffic from your blog. The traffic referrer shows your blog url as referrer. So none of the site’s will ban you for generate direct bot traffic.

Shotimg pays various amount of rates depend on the country. The highest rate offering for united states. If you are hitleap premium user and looking for make money with hitleap premium. This method will helps you to make huge money by hitleap traffic.

There are many sites available similar to shotimg for pay per view. Just google your query for find best sites to make money with hitleap traffic. Share this post with your friends and enjoy earnings.


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