How To Display Adsense Ads On WordPress Amp Pages


Google adsense is the high paying ad network in the world. Many bloggers using adsense for make huge money. But how many of you know, They loss lot of revenue from amp pages. Basically google gives important to the fast loading webpage on search results. In mobile version google many sites are loads on googleweblight. But you can use amp pages for increase search engine score and ctr. But here is the problem on amp pages. Basically amp pages are loads faster in mobiles. So google gives good ranking in results. In this same time adsense ads are not allowed in amp pages.

How To Display Adsense Ads

Actually the amp pages are developed for mobile users. All javascript codes are disable by default amp and improve the page loads. Here am sharing this guide for save your adsense earnings from amp page display. But adsense now gives you the solution for save your earnings. Follow the below steps to enjoy your adsense earnings.

How To Display Adsense Ads On WordPress Amp :

Just copy the below code in your clipboard and change the publisher id with your publisher id. Then you can use this code for showing ads on amp pages.

<amp-ad width=350 height=100

Now enjoy your adsense ads on your amp webpage. Only you have to replace the publisher id and ad slot with your code. This code working on google amp pages without any javascript code blocking issues.

How To Configure This Code On WordPress Amp :

  • Login to your wordpress site and open plugins page.
  • Choose the editor section and select google amp.
  • Then open this url amp/templates/single.php on your browser.
  • Find the <div class=”amp-wp-content”> code in the page by ctrl + f.
  • Paste your adsense amp code on do_action( ‘amp_post_template_footer’, $this ); line above.

Finally your ads are live now. Simply open the amp page by adding /amp after the post url and you can view your ad here. It also gives better ctr in amp pages.


    • Here is the simple way to make amp page :

      Download This Amp Plugin – WordPress Amp
      Upload This plugin on Plugins >> Add New >> Upload
      Now activate this plugin and start design your theme for amp page.

      Finally Open your blog post and add /amp on the suffix of blog post.
      Then you will get amp page for your post, That means you are now enabled amp in your wordpress site, and your site is more seo friendly for google mobile search.
      Then you can follow the above steps for improve your seo & adsense earnings both.

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