How To Delete Snapchat Account Permanently


Snapchat is one of the chatting application which available for android & iphone users. By using snapchat application, you can send quick snaps to your friends and family. Here am gonna share you this method for how to delete snapchat account permanently. You can delete your entire snapchat conversations by deleting your snapchat account. This procedure is quit simple and you need desktop browser for follow the below procedures. Because you can only delete your account through desktop.

Delete Snapchat Account

After deleting your snapchat account permanently you can’t access your previous chatting history and others. So that take a backup if you wish to get your chat history after deleting your account. Uninstall snapchat from your device and continue this procedures for delete snapchat account.

How To Delete Snapchat Account :

  • Open snapchat account removal page from here.
  • Here enter your snapchat account details like username and password.
  • Now complete the captcha challenge and continue.
  • Then click on the delete account permanently and confirm.
  • Your request will be processed and your account will be deleted.

Delete Snapchat Account

But you must don’t login to your snapchat account in next 30 days. Then you will be able to delete your snapchat account permanently. This procedure is similar to facebook and other social media sites. For re activate your deleted snapchat account login to your account on iphone / ipad. Then snapchat sent you the account activation link for verify your identity. Finally confirm your re activation and continue.

But this procedure only works till 30 days of sending account deletion request. So that make sure you are not completed 30 days of inactivity. Finally you are now able to recover deleted snapchat account and use it again. This procedure is simple and easy to follow.

Comment here if you have problem with your snapchat account deletion request. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more tutorials.


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