How To Delete Google Plus Account Without Deleting Gmail


Google plus is one of the popular network by google. You can explore this world and connect with your friends and others using google plus. It is important in google for create youtube and other google products. Many users looking for the tutorial how to delete google plus account without deleting gmail account. Because google account is important to participate in google products. Here am sharing this brief guide to delete your google plus account without deleting your gmail account.

how to delete google plus account

Google account has multiple features to manage your google products in a single place. By deleting your google plus account, Your all google plus contacts will deleted and all your posts will be cleared after the deletion. You can backup your google plus data into your device to get back your google plus account after the deletion. If you have youtube channels and gonna delete google plus account. Your youtube account also will deleted by deleting google plus account.

You can transfer youtube channel to another google plus account for access your youtube channel after deleting your google plus account. Follow below guide step by step carefully to delete your google plus account without deleting gmail account.

How To Delete Google Plus Account Without Deleting Gmail :

  • Signin to your gmail account and open my account on top right corner.
  • Now google account page will open with account settings.
  • Click on Delete your accounts or services under Account Preferences.
  • Tap on Delete Google Products and a Delete a Google Service page will open.
  • Choose Google plus option here and click on Delete icon.
  • Finally A pop up will appears with confirmation for account deletion.
  • Scroll Down and Mark on Yes, I understand that deleting the Google+ profile.
  • Finally your Google plus account will be deleted without deleting gmail account.

Keep in mind, once your google plus account deleted, You will not able to get back your posts and images from your google plus account. So take a backup before proceed to above steps. Also transfer your youtube channels to new google plus account if you have youtube channels.

delete google plus account

I hope this post will help you to delete google plus account without deleting your gmail account. Share this post with your friends. If you have any errors while following above steps simply comment here.


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