How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently


Gmail is the most popular free email address solution by google. Now in this modern world everyone have gmail account and use them for send email’s to their friends and business related persons. Now email address is important to get notification about your online life. Here everyone using multiple gmail account for multiple purposes. When you no longer to manage multiple gmail accounts and looking for how to delete gmail account, There is a option available to remove your gmail account. It also delete your whole gmail and gmail related accounts from google’s database.

How To Delete Gmail Account

But before deleting gmail account, Keep in mind about some important points. There are many websites requires email accounts for signup and notifications. It also help us to get our password once forgot them. After deleting your gmail account, You can’t use this feature. So that take a list of important online profiles and accounts. Remove gmail account from your other services like facebook and twitter. Then follow below procedures to delete gmail account.

Other products like google account search history and youtube account live on google. Also your deleted gmail account can’t be available as username in future references. For Delete gmail account from google, you must have new gmail account for delete your old one. Because this process takes your activity as deleting gmail account by having multiple accounts. So keep any primary email address in your mind and use them while following below procedures.

How To Delete Gmail Account Permanently :

  • Open google account and enter your email and password and login.
  • Then you will get My Account page on google with many options to manage account.
  • Choose Account Preferences and click on Delete your account or services.

How To Delete Gmail

  • Here you will get all google account preferences to delete.
  • The Account Removal Section Shows two options to delete google account.
  • Now click on Delete Products in this page.

Delete Gmail Account Permanently

  • Finally you will get account removal page with Delete Button.
  • Download Data of your gmail inbox messages [If Required].
  • Then Enter your new gmail address and enter the password.

how to delete gmail accounts

You can also delete your google plus account and youtube account from this page. So that select gmail and continue gmail account deletion. Once you confirm your account removal, Google will send verification link to your given new gmail account. Open the verification email and click on the link to delete your gmail account completely.

Then your gmail address will unavailable and your gmail linked accounts will be unavailable for access via your gmail account. So that remove your gmail account from your other gmail linked websites and confirm the account deletion.

This How To Delete Gmail Account procedure is simple and easy to use. But this is dangerous to delete your primary gmail account, which receives your other website information and other details. For manage your new google plus account and youtube account, you can use your new gmail address which available as current gmail.


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