How To Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts 2017


Facebook is the most popular social media now. Everyone using facebook for multiple purposes like chatting with friends and pass their time. Here is the working guide for how to create unlimited facebook accounts without phone number verification. You can create unlimited fake accounts in facebook as how many you want. This simple method working fine on android mobile with disposable email address.

How To Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts

All of you know disposable email is the temporary email address, Which help us to bypass email verification on any site. But currently facebook not allows users to create account with disposable emails. Some sites are get rid of facebook verification restriction and allow us to create accounts without any real email address verification.

Here in this post am sharing working guide for create multiple fb accounts without any verification. This trick working with rooted android and temporary email address which available for free. You can use your opera mini browser in android for make an fake accounts. Simply follow the below steps and enjoy unlimited fake accounts  for your other purposes.

Unlike previous methods, You don’t need to verify any mobile numbers after creating 2,3 accounts. This method working multiple times without asking phone number verification. Facebook currently track users ip address. So here am sharing the method to bypass mobile number verification. Simply follow the below steps and enjoy.

How To Create Unlimited Facebook Accounts :

Download opera mini browser on your android mobile from google play store and install it. Then open the opera mini and open url. Now click on the sign up for facebook button which showing on top right of the facebook homepage. Enter any desired name and choose date of birth. Then open this site on other opera mini tab and choose the domain as and create any custom disposable email address.

Then enter your disposable email on signup form and complete the signup. Finally facebook send you the verification code on your email inbox. Just open temp-mail and view the main. Finally complete the verification.

You can create unlimited disposable email address on temp-mail and you can create unlimited fake accounts on facebook as much you want. When facebook asking mobile number verification for continue the signup. Simply disconnect internet and clear data of opera mini. Again reconnect data connection and enjoy more fake accounts.

Ok Guys, i hope this post will helps you to create unlimited fake accounts on fb without any verification. Follow all steps carefully and enjoy the tutorial. Keep visiting for more tricks and share this post with your friends.


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