Change Android Icons Without Root – 2 Methods


Android apps are the important thing in android mobiles. Apps are available for multiple purposes and usage. Every android app have particular icon for identify them with image. But every android mobile have different types of icon looks. When you get bored on the old themes and icons. You can change android theme in settings. But icons are not replace by other images. There is no options provided by android. Here am sharing this method for change android icons without root.

Change Android Icons Without Root

Many android customization methods available with root access. But this method no need any rooting. So that you can use this method in your both rooted & non rooted mobiles. So you can enjoy your android with new experience. Your device looks like new with your old touch. Here 2 methods are available for change android icons without root. Both are working fine in any version android mobiles.

The below methods are based on launcher and third party android app. As per the experts suggestion, Launcher is the first thing to change your android look with your custom wish. There are many android launchers available on market to customize android look. In this post am using nova launcher for get better options than other launcher apps.

Change Android Icons Without Root :

Here is the first way to change android icons without rooting. The application called nova launcher help us to make this work. Nova launcher is the popular android application which helps to change android look with multiple excellent android themes. After installing this on your android mobile. You can use two home look with Default home and Nova Launcher home. Both are showing all your applications with custom themes and icons.

Download Nova Launcher – From Here

Nova Launcher Help Us To change android icon size, change android icon color, change android icon name and many more. There are many custom themes available for make your android looking better than default theme look. Unlike other launchers you can use your gallery image as your app icon in all apps including system apps. Download nova launcher today and enjoy your new look of android icons.

Change Android Icons

Nova launcher working in both rooted and non rooted android mobiles. And the procedure is very simple to customize your theme options. From beginning to end you will get full satisfaction with customized look. So download nova launcher now and change your android app icons without rooting.

Change Android Icons Without Launcher :

No need to change whole theme and look, but wanna change your android icons?. Here is the application called Awesome Icon and Icon Changer helps you. These both apps working well to change your android application icons. You can replace your app icon with any of gallery image. Both apps are working fine for change your android icons. No need to change your whole theme and look by launchers. Simply download this 2 apps and start customizing your app icons as per your wish.

Change Android Icons Without Root


Icon Changer App Download Links : 

Download Awesome Icon

Download Icon Changer

After installing one of these apps, you can start changing icons with your desired images. Also some apps can avail options to change app name. Both apps are working fine in all version android mobiles and easy to use. Depend on the app, Settings and procedures are various. Also this is the better way to change your important secret apps look and hide it by unwanted app icons. So this will improve your privacy and security.

I hope these two best methods will working for change android icons without root. Those methods are no need any root access. So enjoying your new android icons and share this post with your friends.


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