Trick To Bypass Paytm OTP Verification Instantly


Paytm has launched this security features for secure users wallet from hackers. When you login to paytm account for access the wallet options, You must have verify your phone number for verify it’s you. But in sometimes you may face some issues by your mobile problems or network problems. Also some users create a paytm account and load money. After the account loaded with huge money we want to secure the wallet. So that paytm has launched this security step. When you lost your phone number or mobile, You can’t access your wallet. So here am sharing this easy Trick To Bypass Paytm OTP Verification Instantly.

Trick To Bypass Paytm OTP Verification

This trick working fine in old version paytm app in android mobile. Also you can try bluestacks in pc and download old version paytm app. Currently paytm launch this security feature only on latest version app while update the app with more security. But you can also use old version app now for access your paytm account. Follow below simple steps and enjoy your paytm wallet again.

When you requires login to your paytm account without otp verification. You can use the below paytm v4.5 in your android mobile. This is old version paytm app and does not requires any mobile number verification for access your wallet. So you can make wallet transactions and other online purchases without OTP verification.

Trick To Bypass Paytm OTP Verification :

  • Download Paytm V4.5.0 And Install it on your android mobile.
  • Turn off your mobile data or wifi and open the app.
  • Now open the wallet option and enter your login details.
  • Turn on your data connection and login via secure login button.
  • You can now access your paytm wallet without OTP verification.

Bypass otp verification on paytm online website : open this url and login to your paytm account. Then you will get blank page, Simply open paytm homepage on the same tab. You can now access your dashboard without OTP verification. This method working fine for bypass otp on paytm website.

Once you login to your account, You can make transactions and other wallet usage. No need to verify your mobile number here for access your wallet balance. This method only working on paytm v4.5.0 version apps. So download the app today and follow all given procedures.

Now start making transactions without otp verification on paytm. This method working fine in both new accounts and old accounts. Repeat this step again and again for login to your paytm account. If you have any issues while following above procedures, Comment here.


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