How To Bypass Android Google Account Verification


Android has launched by google and covered billions of peoples. For use android features like play store, google pplus, contacts backup like this functions you must have working google account. Only you can use android mobile with verified google account. By this way you may face some issues like google account verification after factory reset. Actually factory reset is the process for refresh the mobile as newly purchased. Google requires to know is this your android mobile. So that google requires same account verification after factory reset. Here am sharing this How To Bypass Android Google Account Verification Tutorial with step by step guide.

How To Bypass Android Google Account Verification

This verification process is simply behind the security. By this feature thief’s can’t use your mobile after flashing it factory reset. But if you are purchase any used android device from unknown persons. And got google account verification trouble by doing factory reset. Here am sharing this easy tutorial for you. Also this issue can happen due to google account password change. Once you change your google account password recently, You can’t use that account in your android setup for 72 hours after password.

This procedure is very simple and easy to use. You need pc or laptop with working internet connection. You need persistent ADB enabled ROM for follow the below procedure. Here am sharing this tutorial with step by step tutorial for easy understanding. Follow below simple steps and bypass google account verification after factory reset.

How To Bypass Android Google Account Verification :

Your android device must have installed custom rom and it should be persistent ADB enable. You can choose best custom rom for your android mobile from The best custom rom for Android. Then Setup adb and fastboot your device on your pc.

  • Switch on your android mobile and connect your device to pc through usb cable.
  • Allow Authorize on usb debugging in your android.
  • Open cmd in your windows pc and type below commands.
adb shell am start -S -c android.intent.category.LAUNCHER 1
  • Now this will allows you to access settings app of your android mobile.
  • Here  choose Backup & Reset and select Factory Data Reset.
  • You can now wipe your device completely. [This will erase your all internal storage]
  • Once the factory reset is complete, Boot your device into recovery mode.
  • Finally re-flash your desired rom and continue.

Your google verification will now disable and you can use your android mobile. Start setup your android mobile without any verification and enjoy. This method working fine in all version android devices without damaging your android phone. So follow all above steps carefully and bypass google account verification.

Comment here, if you have any problem while following above steps.


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