How To Bypass Age Restriction On Youtube


This is one of the most wanted trick for all youtube users. Youtube is the popular source for watching all category online videos. Basically youtube doesn’t allow youtubers to upload adult materials on their channels or anywhere is youtube. But some of sensitive videos requires age verification for allow you to watch video. Youtube get your age information via google account signin. When you create an google account with your details like name and date of birth, Google calculate your age and it can used in youtube for verify your age. So here is the trick for How To Bypass Age Restriction On Youtube.

How To Bypass Age Restriction On Youtube

Here in this post am sharing easy method to bypass youtube age and watch all youtube videos without any age restriction errors. When you face content warning message that ask you to signin to your google account for confirm your age, You can use below easy method to bypass youtube age restriction. Without wasting your time for account signin, You can simply follow below steps to watch all age restricted videos instantly.

There are lot of methods available to watch youtube videos alternatively without any type of verification. Here am sharing most working methods by simply changing the url. Yes, once you getting any error message like content warning for signin or others, You can change video url like below and watch them instantly without any restrictions.

How To Bypass Age Restriction On Youtube :

  • Click on the youtube video you want to bypass age restriction.
  • Lookup the youtube video url and change the url like below.
  • Change to
  • Then open the link and view the video without any restrictions.
  • You can also use below urls to watch age restricted video in youtube.
  • These url’s are working to watch all age restricted video without signin.

Once you change the url like given url links, You can watch the youtube video easily without signin to your google account for verify your age. You can also download the video By customize the youtube video url like below.


Or simply change with and open the video url. Then you will get download links of audio and video files to save video.

These url’s are taken into third party site with the youtube video download links. So that you can download the video directly without any applications and software. Working fine in both android mobiles and pc. So follow this steps and enjoy downloading any youtube video. Also read my previous post Youtube Mp3 – Download Music From Youtube Post for download songs from youtube.

I hope this youtube age restriction bypass post will helps you to bypass age restriction on youtube. This method working fine in all browsers like google chrome and mozilla firefox. Also working in android mobiles, So follow all steps and enjoy youtube without any type of restrictions.


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