How To Block Spam Bots In WordPress


Many wordpress users facing this common issue called bot attack in wordpress. Spam bots are active on web and looking for web pages to spam via comments and registrations. It may lead to seo drop due to the bot access in your servers. Here am back with this how to block spam bots in wordpress tutorial for beginners who searching block spam comments and registrations in wordpress. There are lot of best spam filter available for wordpress to stop spam in wordpress sites.

How To Block Spam Bots In WordPress

Spam bots are comment in your wordpress site with unnatural links and pages. So it may lead to face some seo drop issues. But in wordpress you will get easy solution to block spam bots. Here am sharing this tutorial with akismet anti spam plugin and some other comments settings for block spam access in your wordpress site. You will get rid of spam in your wordpress site.

Basically comments are the best way to get your readers opinion and help them. But comments section also targeted by spam bots. It place some unwanted links in your comments area for backlinks. So here you will get some errors in bandwidth and resolution by spam bots. So here you can follow the below steps to block spam bots in wordpress.

How To Block Spam Bots In WordPress :

Install akismet plugin and activate it. Akismet is the best anti spam plugin for wordpress by akismet. For installing this plugin in your wordpress site, Follow below steps.

  • Open wordpress dashboard and navigate to plugins section.
  • Click on the Add New button and search Akismet in the search box.
  • Now you will get akismet in search results with install button.
  • Then install and activate akismet in your wordpress site.
  • Now tap on the Activate your Akismet account button and open.
  • You will get api key in Get your API key page after the registration.
  • Finally you will get akismet API key in your account dashboard page.

Then your akismet plugin will be activated and start blocking spam in your wordpress site. This plugin send all comments to the akismet servers and block all spam comments in your wordpress comments section in posts. Also it will block spam bots in registration page automatically.

block spam bots wordpress

Also you can block spam comments in your wordpress posts without plugins. Navigate to discussion section in your site and disable comments for posts older than 30 days. Then your posts which posted on 30 days before, will stop getting comments. Because spam bots only looking for high authority pages to comment and get backlinks.

How To Add Google ReCaptcha In WordPress :

This is one of the best spam blocker way to block bots in comments and registration section. Google recaptcha is the well known spam protection for block bots. Once you install this plugin in your wordpress site. Your readers will get recaptcha verification before submit comments. So spam bots will be failed to post comments in your posts.

  • Open plugins section and search google recaptcha in search box.
  • Now install and activate this plugin.
  • Then open Google reCAPTCHA admin page.
  • Now enter your site url in label and domain section manually.
  • Now click on the register button and proceed to the next page.
  • Here you will get Site Key and Secret keys for activate google recaptcha.
  • Paste the keys on plugin admin page to activate recaptcha verification.

Finally you can choose the settings as per your wish for enable google recaptcha on comments and registration section. This will provide better way to block spam bots in wordpress by asking verification to proceed comments and new registrations.

add recaptcha in wordpress

Both of above methods working fine in wordpress for block spam bots. So follow all above steps and enjoy. If you have still problem with secure wordpress site by block bad bots or following above steps, Simply comment here.



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