How To Block Low Paying Adsense Ads


Basically many adsense users facing this common issue, Low cpc ads in google adsense and looking for block low paying adsense ads. Some adsense advertisers providing very low cpc rates for getting more ad traffic with low revenue. In this way many adsense publishers getting low earnings in google adsense. So here am back with this sweet guide to How To Find Low Paying Adsense Ads & Block Them for boost adsense cpc rates and earnings. This method working fine for all country adsense users for getting high paying ads.

How To Find Low Paying Adsense Ads

Adsense allow publishers to block particular advertisements on their sites. So you can block your non interested and unwanted ads from google adsense. There are some sites available for find low paying advertisers in your sites and block low paying adsense ads. So here am sharing the site and tutrial for find low paying ads on your sites. Below trick is completely safe and free to use. So follow below steps and enjoy more adsense cpc by blocking low cpc adsense ads.

Google adsense sandbox is the tool for preview your all adsense ads with banners and text ads. And the tool called ispionage is the keyword research and competitor research tool for find the search engine volume and ad cpc. So you can get all details about the adsense ad like cpc rates. Then you will able to block them easily in adsense dashboard for block low paying ads and getting high paying ads.

How To Find Low Paying Adsense Ads :

  • Open google adsense sandbox tool and paste your site link.
  • Then view all your current ads and get the publisher url and note down.
  • Then open iSpionage and paste the advertiser url and run the research.
  • Navigate to ads section and check out the cpc.
  • You will get current cpc rate of given advertiser ads.
  • Note down all low cpc ads in notepad.

adsense sandbox

Copy all low paying advertiser url’s and paste it on notepad or anywhere else. Then follow below simple steps to block low paying adsense ads in your sites. This way officially provided by google adsense for block particular advertiser from your site.

Once you block the low paying ads on your site. Then ads never displays on your site as per your preference. So follow below steps and block low paying ads on google adsense.

Steps To Block Low Cpc Adsense Ads :

  • Open adsense dashboard and click on My Ads.
  • Then navigate to Alow & Block ads section.
  • Then you will get blank text input box fr enter the advertiser url links.
  • Paste the low paying advertiser url list and save the settings.
  • This will take some time to effect and your low paying ads will be blocked.

block low paying adsense ads

Finally you can block low paying adsense ads and get only high paying ads in your site. This means your cpc rate will be increases without any low paying ads. Finally enjoy more earnings in google adseense. You can use semrush for find high paying keywords related your niche for increase your cost per click effectively.

Focus on seo traffic and optimize your site for higher seo visibility. This will boost your ctr and your cpc also increases by high paying keywords. If you have any doubts and question related block low paying adsense ads and increase google adsense cpc, Just comment here. I will share some more secret tips to increase google adsense cpc.


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