Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2017


Hello friends, Auto surf is the way to get hits from manual traffic exchanges. Now a days many bloggers looking for increasing alexa ranking by best traffic exchange sites autosurf method. But traffic exchange sites are mostly fake and providing fake bot hits. You must have enough real traffic in your site to reach healthy ranking in alexa. So that many site owners having low ranking even getting tons of autosurf traffic. So here am providing this Best Traffic Exchange Sites 2017 for gain real traffic automatically.

best traffic exchange sites

Here in this post am sharing 10 best sites to get hits from worldwide by visiting other users websites and blogs. Autosurf is the automatic process that allow users to view others site automatically and provide you free points. After collecting healthy number of points, Your website getting traffic from this points based quantity. All traffic exchange sites are running this same system for exchange your traffic hits with other bloggers.

The below best free traffic exchange sites are completely safe and never make your site spam with fake bot traffic. You can also purchase points from below sites to increase your website hits without working. Hitleap and other sites are commonly delivering good hits count for low rates. Simply follow below sites and enjoy free traffic to your websites and blogs by autosurf.

Best Traffic Exchange Sites 2017 :

Here is the top 10 sites for autosurf traffic exchange. Open any site and create your free account. Then you can start working and enjoying free traffic.

Hitleap :

This is the popular traffic exchange system with millions of active users. Hitleap is now updated with hits based system that delivering hits for visiting other users sites. Once you create your account, You have to download hitleap viewer for autosurf. This hitleap viewer runs on background and your hits will be automatically increases. There are two types of accounts available in hitleap. In Free account you can only get 3 website slots. For more features check premium plans and enjoy free autosurf traffic.

OTOHits :

This site is delivering real visitors without any iframes. Unlike hitleap, you can autosurf sites without downloading any software and apps. Once you add your site on otohits, Your site will verified within 24 hours and you can receive traffic as per your points. 1 Point delivers you 1 hits from other users.

BigHits4U :

BigHits4U Is another popular traffic exchange site with real traffic hits well known as best traffic exchange for ptp. This also providing high quality legit traffic to your website and blogs for increase your website revenue. Alexa rank get quick improvement in order to boost your search engine ranking. So download the official bighits4u software and start exchange your traffic.

10KHits :

This is one of the popular site in best blog traffic exchange sites which gives you tons of traffic to your blogs and websites for low work. Actually this site working on mobile and pc both. Bot safe traffic exchange site to get real visitors. You can also choose the traffic limit per hour and per day for your safety. Traffic hits are counted by all major analytics site like google analytics and other online visitors counter. So try this site and enjoy more traffic in your website and blogs.

Hit4Hit :

Hit4hits is one of the best traffic exchange for ptc sites and Safest way to provide more traffic to your websites for free. The main feature of this website is high traffic points for auto surfing. And this site also providing bonus 100 points per day for increase your website hits more than your work. Battle Of Pages is the main benefit for work on this autosurf traffic exchange system. You will get tons of points daily here. So you can increase your traffic and seo ranking with this real traffic exchange system.

So guys, Use all above best traffic exchange 2017 and get more traffic to your website and blogs for free by autosurf. All above sites are based on points and coins system. So work more and collect more points on above sites. Then you can use this points for increase your web traffic faster.


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