Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Seo


Keyword research is the first thing in seo to get huge traffic from search engines. Here am back with most popular Best Free Keyword Research Tools For Seo. Many bloggers writing blog posts and unable to understand why the post not getting popular and why traffic is very low from google. For all of that beginners keyword research is the first recommend for improve seo score and traffic from search engines. By research keywords on online tools you can get high volume and low keyword difficulty keywords for gain good amount of traffic from search engines. Every keyword has collected from google and counted every time for improve the search results for user satisfaction. You can easily track these keywords using some online tools and write a post with the desired keyword for targeted traffic.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Blogs and websites can easily index in google and other search engines. But traffic is the main part as per keywords. Every keyword have difficulty to index your post on first page for drive traffic to your blog. New bloggers unable to use all keywords due to low traffic and low visibility score. In this type of cases you must have use low keyword difficulty keywords to get seo traffic. Keyword research is the step by step way to increase your blog audience and earnings. Yes, after the traffic earnings also depend on your keywords. High cpc keywords and low keyword difficulty keywords can increase your blog earnings with low amount of traffic.

The below post providing all information about how to do keyword research and increase traffic from search engines. There are many online free tools available for find long tail keywords that rank your page on google. Here am sharing some best sites for keyword research and seo improvement.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools :

Keyword Planner : 

Keyword Planner is the best online tool for find profitable keywords for seo. It also called as google keyword tool. In this tool you can track your all desired keywords and phrase match keywords for write a blog post and get traffic from search engines. Here you can get cpc and difficulty of keywords to find out how much this keyword earn per click and how can it index in google.

Keyword Planner

All given keywords are profitable and have higher chance to get easy index in first page. Specially google keyword planner helps adsense publishers for find high paying keywords and increase your google adsense earnings. For new bloggers low competition keywords are recommended to use.

Semrush : 

It is another best keyword research tool for beginners. Unlike google keyword planner, It is easy to use and you can find targeted keywords. In this tool you can enter your desired keyword and you can get lot of keywords related your query. Phrase match keywords helps seo to get higher search engine visibility. This is my first recommendation for beginners who have no experience in keyword research. This tool providing all information’s like keyword volume, Keyword difficulty, Cpc, Search Results and competition.

Semrush Keyword Research Tutorial

But in free account you can get only 10 maximum keywords per research. But you can start a free trial for 7 days and enjoy unlimited keywords for next 7 days. In trial accounts maximum 10 searches per day per account. So start a free trial or create fake accounts using disposable email address. Semrush providing all keyword data’s to use them for increase your seo traffic and advertisement cpc. It also providing options to sort keywords in ascending and descending order as per volume and cpc. So that you can track all high paying adsense keywords in less than a minute.

Keyword Tool : is basically used by many bloggers and webmasters to find phrase match keywords for increase their seo score by having more related keywords. This tool is available in free and paid version. In free accounts you can get unlimited keywords and unlimited searches. But Search volume, Cost Per Click and Adwords Competition not available in free account. This tool offering keyword research for youtube, Bing and amazon like this major platforms.

Keywordtool Free Premium

Keyword Tool will provide all related keywords and suggestions to use them on your blog posts. These all keywords are long tail keywords and you can use them without any restrictions. Simply choose the targeted country of google database and enter your query in search box. Then start research and enjoy unlimited keywords. You can simply copy all of given keywords and use them in your blog post or anywhere.

So guys, These sites are best for find profitable keywords and you can use them for free. For beginners i suggest semrush for keyword research. Because you can track all keywords with all details like volume and cpc. The given sites are suitable for all bloggers and website admins for find long tail keywords and high paying keywords. So you can now enjoy free keyword research for improve your seo score by more keywords. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more seo updates.


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