Android Heating Problem Solution And Tips


Android is the commonly used mobile operating system which providing many features on your device. But there is some issues in android like heating and battery draining. Here am sharing some cool methods for Android Heating Problem Solution. Actually the mostly apps and games used android mobile getting heat by usage. Because android running all apps in background and the cpu working hard to maintain.

Android Heating Solution

Price and features are not the solution to buy a android mobiles without heating problems. All major android mobiles getting this heating issues while browsing and gaming. So if you have any heating issues in your android mobile, This post will be surely helps you. The below procedures are commonly used by android developers. So you can use them without any doubts. Follow all below procedures and enjoy your android mobile without heating issues.

The below solutions are working great for you heating problems by charging, playing games, using browsing, multiple android apps and much more. If you have 3G and LTE mobile which have unlimited internet data. You must have cool your android mobile with some methods. So follow below steps and fix android heating problem.

Android Heating Problem Solution :

Disable Unwanted Functions :

Functions like bluetooth, wifi hotspot, location information can heat your android mobile by consuming too much of cpu usage. Disable all these functions on unwanted timings for avoid heating issues. The Gps continue searching location for gps by maps and it will heat your android mobile. So disable the location access in settings to get rid of android heating problems. Make them only available on required time and avoid unwanted heating issues.

Do Not Use 3G And LTE Connection Longer :

LTE well known as 4g for access internet with faster speed. While using lot of data with 3g and 4g, All data related apps takes data connection and continue your android heating. So avoid longer duration with these selected mobile networks. Give some gap between data usage longer than 30 minutes. Or simply use 2g data for some time and continue 3g and Lte only in required time.

Force Stop Unwanted Apps :

In android platform, All apps running in background and consume cpu. Basically android doesn’t close any android application by swipe them on recent app usage. So you have to force stop them by navigate to apps list on settings. On the running apps page, You will get all running applications in your android mobile. Here simply click on Force Stop and do this on all running apps.

Update Android Apps Frequently :

Android software getting updates periodically. You can get update software notification in your notification bar for find missing updates. It is compulsory to use updated software in your android mobile. By updating your previous software your bugs will be fixes and your apps will be running in updated latest version OS. So that you can avoid heating issues simply by update your android apps.

Apps & Games Usage With Longer Session :

It is commonly advised android heating issue solution. Running high graphics android games with your android mobile is ok. But we have to focus on Ram and cpu usage too. By running high graphics game in your low ram android mobiles definitely force your device to heating problems. Uninstall unwanted old apps and games which consuming lot of cpu usage. Only play android games when all other apps are not in use.

Some Other Solutions :

  • Install Clean Master To Clean Your Unwanted App Sessions And Force Stop Them.
  • Clear Cache Of Your Android Apps Memory Everyday.
  • Use Only Recommended Chargers To Charge Your Mobile.
  • Avoid Laptops and Computer Cpu To Charge Your Mobile.
  • Clean Unwanted Apps And Uninstall The Not Supported Games.
  • Root Android Mobile – Best Solution.
  • Keep Your Device Neat And Clean With Mobile Covers.

These all tips are keep your android mobile safe from unwanted heating issues. It’s working on all android mobiles without any hassle. Use the branded android mobile and avoid low quality devices. I Hope this Android Heating Problem Solution article will helps you to solve your android heating problems. Follow above steps carefully and follow them for keep your device works longer. Share this post with your friends and keep visiting for more updates.


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