How To Increase Adsense Cpc In India [100% Working]


Adsense is the high paying ad network in the world offering high rates per ad clicks. But in some countries adsense cpc is too low. When we work more and get more traffic, We will get more ctr in adsense. But ads are getting low cost per click due to keywords. Basically adsense provides the rate per click by search traffic and keyword. When a visitor land on your page with high paying keyword and click on your advertisement, Your revenue will increase by high paying keyword. But many bloggers not able to understand why adsense provides low cpc ads in some posts. So here am sharing this trick for How To Increase Adsense Cpc In India.

How To Increase Adsense Cpc In India

The below trick based on keyword research tool. By having high paying keyword in your blog posts, You will get more cost per click on your ads. Keyword research will improves your seo traffic and advertisement earnings both. So here am sharing this tutorial for beginners. For analyse high paying keywords am using semrush here.

Many blogger know semrush is the best keyword research tool for find targeted traffic. Also you can track high paying keywords here. So follow below steps and enjoy high paying ads on your blogs and websites.

How To Increase Adsense Cpc In India :

This trick working via semrush keyword research tool. Semrush is the tool which providing keyword research for free and paid. Here you can get all details about the particular keyword with volume, cpc, difficulty and all other details for any country.

At first go to semrush and create new free account. Then enter any keyword in the organic research box and start the search. You can paste any particular keyword And you will get all related keywords here.

Semrush Keyword Research

Then choose the country as India. You can choose any country related your traffic source location. You will get all details related the given keyword on the column. Simply click on the Phrase Match Report and you will get all related keywords. For free accounts it shows only 10 results per research. But this is not a problem, Because we gonna target only high paying keywords.

On the cpc section click the arrow mark for ascending the cpc rate. It will gives you all high paying keywords in the sort report. Here you will get all high paying keywords on your country. Choose any high paying keyword and write a post related the keyword. Use the keyword as your targeted keyword in blog post. And you will get the desired cpc rate per click on ads.

Increase Adsense cpc India

Finally your cpc rate will be increases faster and you will get more revenue in adsense. Write high quality article related the targeted keyword and gain the organic traffic for the particular high paying keyword. This trick working 100% without any low cpc issues.

Also read my previous post How To Increase Adsense Ctr, Rpm And Cost Per Click. I hope this post will helps you to increase your adsense earnings. Share this post with all your friends and keep visiting for more tricks.



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